Ecommerce website design and development

E-commerce became an effective trading tool. Professional e-commerce websites development provides the business owner with a wide range of advantages. The most important thing is obtaining a profitable resource.

Why development of e-commerce is necessary for your business?

Starting/transitioning of the commerce on the Internet is a dominant tendency nowadays. Main reasons why you should order turn-key ecommerce web design and development services from scratch are connected with the following advantages:

  • online purchasing traffic growth;
  • focus on the interested customers;
  • the buyers are where the Internet is;
  • full-fledged trading functionality etc.;

Ordering e-commerce web site design and development services is more profitable comparing to an offline business, because:

  • the catalogue is filled with any goods according to the assortment and quantity;
  • the problems with the considerable expenses on staff and lease are relieved;
  • main and/or additional resource of profit is created;
  • resource threshold of starting a business is undervalued;
  • ability to choose the niche with a minimal competitiveness etc.

Turn-key custom e-commerce website development and design services are profitable to the clients:

  • people make purchases where the Internet is connected;
  • round-the-clock access to the goods;
  • time- and money-saving;
  • increased freedom of choice;
  • competitive prices etc.

Turn-key custom e-commerce web development stages

The complex of works is implemented according to the contract with the client, in which fundamental provisions, as well as the results of cooperation, are listed. E-commerce website designing is carried out in stages; during each of them the client sees the results and specifies requirements. Development stages include:

Web designing and development services of the e-commerce on the following stages require:

  • creating the visual design;
  • page building considering proper display on mobile devices;
  • functioning and programming;
  • testing, including usability;
  • hosting placement;
  • the beginning of the work.

Turn-key ecommerce web design and development company in the USA provides:

  • comfort for the clients;
  • conditions for maximizing conversion;
  • the potential for the development etc.

E-commerce functionality

E-commerce development is accompanied with an optimal number of functions with a potential of the following growth. Turn-key e-commerce web development company IT DEV GROUP also provides comfortable work on the mobile devices, the traffic of which is always increasing. The functionality of the virtual points of sell given to the client will guarantee:

  • accessibility of the controlling of the staff;
  • top placement in the search engines;
  • easiness of choice and purchase process.

Nowadays it’s easy to order an online-store from the best ecommerce website design and development company, which includes, for example:

  • control of the catalog;
  • filters and product search;
  • buy “in one click”;
  • users’ accounts;
  • “call-back” option;
  • SMS-informing;
  • Promo-codes;
  • Mailing;
  • Informational pages;
  • Control of the orders;
  • Parser of prices update;
  • Shopping cart;
  • SEO manager for search engines;
  • Social media integration;
  • Feedback;
  • Online purchase and delivery;
  • News and articles;
  • Customer service;
  • Import/export of the goods;
  • Products ratings etc.

Full set of functions are considerably wider and their implementation is decided by the client.

Order e-commerce web development from IT DEV GROUP – why choose us?

Comprehensive web development which is performed in our clients’ interests is carried out on the Laravel and MODx basis. Our successful business is based on:

  • Portfolios of the fulfilled projects;
  • Qualifications of the experts;
  • Comprehensive work etc.;

Ordering ecommerce web design and development services from IT DEV GROUP means that you are getting:

  • Effective solution of business tasks;
  • Ready for trading resource;
  • Provision of reports;
  • Support and the guarantees.

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