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Redesigning a website without losing its positions. Professional guide

Redesigning a website without losing its positions. Professional guide

When making a decision to start your own business on the Internet, beginner entrepreneurs are often following the path of least resistance. They choose the cheapest hosting plans (or even free ones) and the same happens with building a website because at this stage the budget is limited. As a rule, in these situations, not enough attention is paid to usability web design. Later on, if an entrepreneur managed to achieve certain results like increasing traffic or gradual growth of the revenue, he is starting to think about promoting the business. There is a necessity to redesigning a website in order to provide the successful business development.

What is a website redesign?

Let’s try to figure out what is a website redesign. As a rule, website redesign goals imply making changes in graphic (visual) design. In case if the initial application architecture was made properly, such changes won’t affect the structural and functional components.

Why redesign a website?

“Why should I redesign a website?” – you may wonder. It’s worth to be noted that quality web page redesign affects the visitors’ first impression of the resource in many ways. That’s why improper graphic components are a good reason to think about making some changes. This is why redesign a website is a necessity.

There are several reasons for redesigning a website which include:

  • Far in 2007, the web resource had a perfect web-design, however, nowadays it looks absolutely inappropriate. In this case, the main task of the Internet-oriented business is a web site redesign according to modern tendencies and company corporate style which had gone through significant changes for many years.
  • Not enough attention has been given to UX design due to many reasons. There is a necessity to create quality web design at the moment for further business development.
  • There have been significant changes in the company (new markets entry, change of the type of the activity etc.) which made an old design inappropriate.
  • The absence of an adaptive layout.
  • The necessity to update CMS.

These were most common reasons to redesign your website. However, there are many more which you may not be aware of.

Advantages of the redesign

As a rule, redesign of a website is one of the components of a successful business and many companies which are keeping up with the times strive to monitor trends in the web-design sphere. Yet, in every specific case website redesign objectives help to achieve numerous advantages of an Internet-business like:

  • ability to improve the web recourse appearance and create a positive impression of the company, online store, products or services;
  • ability to optimize navigation, improve UI website design and increase visitors’ involvement.

web page redesign

How to transfer a website after redesign? Technical requirements

Before making web page redesign, it’s wise to determine the alterations needed. Depending on the scale of the changes that should be made, you will have to make an effort in order to redesign a website without losing its positions. If it’s about the new color scheme or changing logo, then there are no reasons to worry. In this case, the only risk is to lose users which won’t like the new design.

The completely different situation is when aside from design, changes in the resource structure should be made (change location of blocks, add new elements or remove the old ones, change code). In this situation, you should take these actions responsibly.

First of all you should:

  • Evaluate the code quality. A perfect option is to hire specialists.
  • Conduct a visitors’ survey. It’s important to know the visitors’ opinion about the future changes. It’s noteworthy that changing the URL addresses’ structure is highly inadvisable.
  • It's recommended to change URL only in urgent need. For example, if the website has undergone significant changes which affect the structural part. However, it’s advisable to take care of maximum URL safety. In case if pages’ addresses of new and old website differ, it’s necessary to configure 301 redirect from old addresses to the new ones. Therefore, you will be able to save the traffic after reindexing a website.
  • It’s crucial to transfer the internal optimization of a new website which was made before: meta-tags for category/subcategory/product cards pages, search engine optimization texts.
  • It’s necessary to configure sitemap.xml file properly. In case if URL of pages were changed, it’s necessary to include them into the sitemap of a website while removing the old ones.
  • After redesigning it’s important to check:
    • URL validity;
    • web-pages’ indexation;
    • the validity of internal and external links;
    • a proper view of pages;
    • server’s answer codes;
    • failure rate;
    • the existence of errors.


Main redesign goal is an improvement of the existing web-design according to the current company concept. This will not only improve the company image but also make alternations which will optimize the visitor interaction with a website.

How often should I redesign a website? All entrepreneurs who want to grow their business should ask themselves the question. This depends on your business specifics and company development. In the case of any doubts, it’s recommended to contact professionals who will give you an expert opinion.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to figure out how to redesign an online store or corporate portal in order not to loose the search results positions. For eliminating all the possible risks it’s recommended to entrust similar tasks to professionals who have an experience in this sphere. They will advise you on how often should a website be redesigned.

Order redesigning a website from IT DEV GROUP studio

When contacting IT DEV GROUP company you can order redesigning a website which will be implemented according to your business-activity specifics as well as peculiarities of a target audience.

IT DEV GROUP website development by specialists includes:

  • fresh ideas corresponding to the corporate style;
  • the perfect option to stand out among competitors;
  • special attention to the proper structure, functionality and usability;
  • focus on the target audience;
  • using modern technologies;
  • adaptivity;
  • lossless transfer of a website.

If you just started to think about your own resource development we also offer to develop a website which will become an effective sales tool for your business.

Date of publication: 24.07.2017