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Content marketing strategy for ecommerce website

Content marketing strategy for ecommerce website

Due to the rapid development of an ecommerce sphere, it’s necessary to use abilities of proven Internet-marketing strategies as well as to experiment by trying new methods of attracting clients. Given the fierce competition in the ecommerce sphere, just setting up a website won’t deliver the desired results.

The success of an ecommerce website nowadays depends largely on its visibility across different search engines. There are many ways of improving the website’s rankings in search engine results but this is one of the most effective ones. Currently, content marketing for an online store is one of the marketing tools gaining rapid popularity and there is a reason for that. Proper content marketing strategy guarantees to take your business to the next level.

What does it mean?

Let’s try to give the definition to the term in order to understand the concept. Content marketing is a form of an Internet-marketing aimed at creating publishing and spreading content oriented toward attracting the target audience. At the same time, an ecommerce content marketing as a way of promoting a website may imply:

  1. Creating the content marketing plan involving placing on an ecommerce website:
    • Useful and optimized content for category/subcategory pages, filters and product cards;
    • photos and product description;
    • a blog containing thematic articles.
  2. Placing useful articles on external resources:
    • social networks;
    • websites with a corresponding theme;
    • thematic forums.

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content marketing strategy

Goals of content marketing

Regardless where the content is placed on it’s important to remember that goals of content marketing for promoting a website require quality textual, graphic or video materials. The efficiency of such optimization depends specifically on the quality of the content which provides:

  • target traffic growth;
  • visitor involvement increase;
  • increase sales;
  • conversion growth.

content marketing write for us

Content marketing tips

Here are the following content marketing tips that will give you the idea of the key elements that every type of material should have.

  1. Texts

    The texts should be:

    • informative and interesting for the target audience;
    • unique;
    • relevant;
    • useful – it’s important for visitors to benefit from the articles in the blog, product descriptions, categories, delivery terms etc.;
    • convenient to read – it’s necessary to provide not only the meaning but also a good structure. In fact, highlighting H1-H6 headers as well as writing title and description is very useful in terms of SEO promotion. An optimized content plays an important role in promoting a resource;
    • with micromarking – this will make the text “understandable” for search engines and improve the view of information about the content in search engine results.

    what is content marketing in seo

    Often, when people hear the word content the first thing that comes in their mind is text. However, this is not the only content type you can use. Current marketing strategies imply using several types of content for receiving desired results such as:

    • Infographics – this is a quick and simple way of presenting the data in the most understandable way with a help of visual aids.
    • Memes – these are usually presented in the form of video or pictures with humorous context and are highly popular among youngsters.
    • Product reviews – the reviews give potential customers the idea of the product they want to buy. These give the information of what other clients think about it and help dubious clients to make the purchase.
    • User generated content – this is the content generated by your customers which helps improving your website optimization results.
    • Newsletters – sending newsletters is a great opportunity to advertise new products or services among your subscribers which will lead to sales growth.
    • E-books – by offering digital content that can be downloaded from your website you provide the customers with ability to download it on different devices and use later on.
    • Slideshows – this is a text and image content combined in a series of slides. This allows users to get important information quickly and easily.
  2. Pictures

    It’s very important for online stores to provide a proper picture of a product for the potential client. This is exactly why you should make sure that the photos:

    • have good quality – the user should be able to evaluate not only the appearance of the product but also see small details. That’s why the picture should have high resolution and be clear. This step contributes the lead generation.
    • demonstrate the product from different angles;
    • have alt and title tags written – this allows optimizing the image for search engines;
    • be unique – it’s desirable to create a product photo that differs from the one provided on the manufacturer’s website.

      optimized content

  3. Video

    The statistics show that products accompanied by videos are ordered more frequently.

    Therefore, a video is considered one of the perspective types of content able to not only increase the customers’ loyalty but also attract additional traffic. Of course, the video should be qualitative and unique. The importance of useful and unique video cannot be underestimated. The videos made by customers who purchased the product are relevant that’s why some online stores create promotions connected with creating a video-review. This step is an effective content marketing for an ecommerce website.

videos are ordered more frequently

What is content marketing in SEO?

The question of what is content marketing in SEO is very important. So, now you have quality content but it won’t serve the purpose if it is not indexed by search engines. Only the combination of proper content optimization and SEO will lead to improving search engine website rankings. It’s said that online content marketing is the new SEO for good reason. This step will significantly improve your visibility across the web thus attract new customers. In this case, one should make sure to:

  • update the content regularly – adding new materials, removing or changing old information. Search robots respond positively for updates and “enter” such resources more frequently. So, by making updates on a regular basis and providing fresh and unique content you will help your ecommerce website to appear on the first page. SEO and content marketing are closely connected;
  • determine specific target audience – materials adapted for potential clients’ interests will not only attract target traffic but also contribute to spreading the information about a website in social networks as well as improving behavioral factors. There are different types of content marketing to be applied in each specific case;
  • keep up with the times – the trends in the IT sphere are changing frequently so following the trends is a key to improving your ecommerce business and increasing revenue.

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Benefits of content marketing are invaluable for an ecommerce website owner. This is an overwhelming and challenging process but if carried out properly the result is more than satisfactory. It’s important to not underestimate the modern methods of promoting a website because this is exactly what will help you achieve the business goals.

When deciding to order turn-key website marketing solution it’s necessary to make sure that quality content creation was carried out simultaneously with SEO promotion. This is what guarantees the maximum effectiveness of these efforts. One should remember that web content marketing for SEO is very important and has a great influence on the whole website promotion process.

Date of publication: 04.09.2017