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Project type:

Corporate portal, ERP



Business objectives:

Development of a corporate portal aimed at creating and conducting a variety of educational activities for children of school and preschool age.

Project objectives:

Online - conducting creative and general educational contests and subject Olympiads among gifted children and youth in the Russian Federation

Key features and benefits:

  • 1. The module “Educational Institutions” using the FIAS database (CARF)

    The module allows each institution to be formed reliably at existing addresses. When registering, the user assigns himself to the institution or, in his absence, indicates the address and the name of his institution, which will be added to the system when the user is activated.

  • 2. To form an order, the miniShop2 online store module was automated to meet the needs of the project. 

    Based on it, a moderation of all incoming works sent by participants is formed, instant reports on all subjects and competitions are issued.

  •  3. The system for scanning forms is connected to the ABBYY system with the calculation of answers and points accrual. 

  • 4. Implemented automatic distribution of seats between participants which eliminates the human factor.

    All entries are evaluated by registered participants (with the exception of the works of their institution), put down points that  also automates the distribution of winners.

  • 5. Formation of diplomas in pdf format.

    To implement this process our specialists used the libraries TCPDF (creating pdf files) and FPDI (editing pdf files).

  • 6. The system monitors the distribution of premium materials daily, sending out messages about the next sending to the user via email.


  • To implement the project we used a professional content management system (CMS) - MODX Revolution, designed to provide and organize a joint process for creating, editing and managing content. 
  • MODX Revo is the latest version of a site management system that is actively developed and supported by the IT DEV GROUP development team.
  • Frontend site is made in flat style with adaptive layout.
  • Backend - MODX-Revo, PHP
  • Frontend - HTML5, CSS3, CSS-Animation, JS (jQuery)
  • Design - Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • Payment system - ROBOKASSA

Project process:

  • - Client’s requirements analysis 
  • - Technical documentation development 
  • - Engineering 
  • Design development
  • Webpage development using CMF
  • QA testing
  • Project implementation and support


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