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China, CIS Countries


 1+ year


Currently being supported

Project type:

Corporate portal, ERP, dropshipping, partner programm


Services, Moving

Business objectives:

  • Reduce the burden on Call-Center: developed a module for transport cargo tracking, on-line
  • Automate processes: between clients and company departments. Speed up work in the B2B segment with partners and a partner system. Implement a dropshipping module for interaction with external retailers.  
  • Company Analytics: Implemented a performance analysis module for the departments of logistics, warehouse management, customer processing and suppliers search.

Project objectives:

Increase sales and transportation market share between China and the CIS countries. Automation process.

Key features and benefits:

  • Referral system module. Bonuses are accrued through referral links. All affiliate sales are recorded and paid upon request.
  • Automation of financial statements. There is an opportunity to form Invoices and TTN automatically. When creating an order, the documentation is generated and sent to the previously specified mail and chat with the manager.
  • Work chat module. The module is intended for exchanging messages and files with the manager. Chat allows you to share rights between managers on: purchase, delivery, repurchase or general issues.
  • Calendar. Planning of all shipments by dates and intermediate destinations. Automatic notifications of customer payments verification after the goods arrive at the warehouse. Daily workload planning for managers. Notifications of risks and verification of the movement of goods. 
  • Wholesale Price Module. Manage the price of goods based on quantity. Allows to quickly change prices for all products. 
  • Service Integration: SMS mailing, external chat for users, call tracking, PayPal, Bitcoin payment modules.


- Libraries TCPDF - to generate pdf files and PHPWord - to import and export of csv/docx documents.  

- Backend - MODX-Revo, PHP, ExtJS

- Frontend - HTML, CSS, CSS-Animation, JS (jQuery)

- Design - Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

- Payment system: PayPal, BitCoin

Project process:

- Client’s requirements analysis 

- Technical documentation development 

- Engineering 

- Design development 

- Development 

- QA - auto/manual 

- Project implementation and support 

- Internet promotion 

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