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LARAVEL 5 development

LARAVEL 5 is a PHP framework designed for the development of web applications, up-to-date dynamic websites with a logical structure and code. LARAVEL PHP framework is developing and improving dynamically which makes it a perfect solution for unconventional tasks. Website development using LARAVEL is a technological answer for every business owner which implies high-quality designing adapted to the individual requirements and peculiarities of the project.

For what kind of websites

Advantages of LARAVEL 5 application development

Building a LARAVEL-based website from scratch has its obvious advantages, tangible for LARAVEL developers and project owners alike:

  • Scalability – the simplicity of the resource functional extension;

  • Safety – high update frequency;

  • Usability – the admin panel is developed according to any project’s requirements;

  • Functionality – designing a website from scratch using LARAVEL 5 development environment will ensure the stability of the resource while offering no problems which are widespread in the most common box control systems (CMS) – high server load and linking to ready modules.

  • High working speed

  • Easy resource scalability.

Time frames and cost of building a LARAVEL website from scratch

Creating a LARAVEL 5-based website from scratch may vary significantly. Cost and time frames, as a rule, are determined separately for each project and depend on the following factors:

Type of the resource and difficulty of its implementation;

Design and functional requirements;

Project’s architecture.

Order a LARAVEL 5 website development from IT DEV GROUP – Why choose us?

IT DEV GROUP company is designing professional LARAVEL 5-based websites of high difficulty. We take into account the business processes of your company and offer improvement solutions.

Why you should choose us as your project developers:

  • More than 5 years of experience;
  • Ready project team:
    • Scrum manager;
    • UX designer;
    • Template designer;
    • Programmer;
    • Tester.
  • The websites are ready for further SEO promotion;
  • Technical and informational support;
  • A responsible approach to understanding the project.

By ordering LARAVEL-based website from IT DEV GROUP studio you are guaranteed to receive a reliable project with high conversion rate and automation of processes.

Examples of our work