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Creating a website for a small business

Websites for small business are resources the main goal of which is to familiarize the customers with your business, services and contacts. This is a popular choice among entrepreneurs, meant to build website design for small business.

Main sections of the visiting card site

Building a website for a small business implies designing several compulsory sections.

It includes:
  • “About the company”. Customers want to know about your experience and advantages or how did your company grew

  • “News”. The most significant events are displayed on this page. They will make a potential; customer is more interested in you and provides them with the latest updates;

  • “Contacts”. Building a website design for small business cannot be carried out without this section as users need to know how to reach you;

  • “Services, price list”. This page will familiarize the customers with the company. People strive to find the offers they are interested in at the best price, that’s why such information is important. So, it’s crucial to build a small business website design.

Functional abilities of websites for small business

Creating a website for a small business implies the following functional implementation:
  • Social network integration (navigation to the Facebook company, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. for attracting new customers and communicating with them);
  • Online-consultant(for a quick problem solving and answering the questions);
  • Call back (increases conversion, promptly connects client with the consultant);
  • Multilanguage (supporting several languages is important if you’re developing business in several countries);
  • Turn-key visiting-card site often contains navigation map for the clients to know where the company is situated;
  • Adaptive page building. Due to using gadgets with different screen size, adaptability is necessary for proper website display on any device;
  • Individual web-design. If a visiting-card site is carried out from a template, it will get lost in a huge number of the same impersonal websites.
  • Unique design stays in the memory of customers, that’s why exclusive design is a necessity.

All above listed abilities of the visiting-card site prove that it’s crucial to create a small business website.

Order website development for small business from IT DEV GROUP studio – why choose us?

In order to create a visiting-card site, you should have specific knowledge and skills. IT DEV GROUP studio offers such services.

Why you should choose us:

  • Experience in building a small business websites services for more than 5 years. During this period we’ve grown professionally which gives us a reason to be proud of every completed task;
  • Before creating a website for a small business, we thoroughly analyze your business and choose proper options for the project implementation;
  • We take into account all the wishes of the client and generate new ideas;
  • Reliable website builder for small business;
  • We always meet deadlines.

In order to make a small business website, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

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