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Best MODX plugins for SEO

Best MODX plugins for SEO

A website is an inherent attribute of a successful business. But in order to get high conversion rate and a big number of potential clients, it’s not enough to just place the resource on the Internet and wait for the sales growth. MODX SEO optimization allows organizing proper promotion which will help the website to get high rank in Google search results.

Key points in MODX website optimization

When choosing a CMS the developers rely on the perspective of the effective SEO optimization of the web resource. MODX is one of the most SEO-friendly content management systems thereby it’s very popular. In a case of the proper customization, MODX website promotion is easy and doesn’t cause any problems. It’s worth to pay attention to the key system parameters configuration.

  1. The domain with www or without it? The developers envisaged the ability to choose any domain name. When opening .htaccess file first you need to find two commented blocks and uncomment one of them by replacing the domain with yours. In case the user will enter incorrect address, the 301 redirect will be carried out.
  2. MODX friendly URLs’ configuration. MODX Revolution website promotion allows using user-friendly and beautiful addresses. Search engine algorithms are analyzing web-addresses and give priority to friendly URLs reflecting the theme of the pages. Furthermore, user-friendly addresses are increasing usability and loyalty of users.
  3. Managing meta-tags. It’s crucial to use unique title and description for the proper snippets formation. It has a positive influence on website’s rating on the relevant request and the UCTR alike.

    seo friendly content

  4. 404 error web-page. It’s necessary to make sure the error web-page functions properly. For this purpose, you should create and publish the page by hiding it in the menu, then put the id needed instead of error-page configuration. This is especially important for new web-resources. Proper content of such page will allow users seeing the message “Not found” and go to the working pages by following the given links instead of leaving the resource and closing the tab.
  5. MODX sitemap. The presence of sitemap.xml file has direct influence on the website indexation. MODX development of the website and its optimization allows creating web-resource sitemap with a minimal loss of time and effort using GoogleSiteMap MODX plugins.
  6. robots.txt file. robots.txt configuration will help excluding pages and folders not intended for search results (prohibiting indexation).
  7. Fenom Template Engine. Fenom is an easy and fast template engine which allows providing fast web pages load and minimizing resource intensity. Template engine flexibility gives the opportunity to add the functional and make necessary changes.
  8. SEOTab application setup. SEO Tab helps to optimize web-pages as well as:
    • Manage pages visibility in search engines making it possible to use nofollow and noindex tags;
    • Manage Google XML Sitemap (s);
    • Generate automatically 301 redirect when changing URL web-resource as well as to control MODX redirect.
  9. Quality content. Effective SEO optimization of the MODX Revo-based website cannot be possible without unique and corresponding to the target audience’s interests content. When visiting the resource, Internet users should find the exact information that corresponds to their request. At the same time the content should be specifically structured, understandable and informative. MODX allows easily managing textual and graphical content, publishing new materials and editing if necessary which increases “trust” of search engines and audience involvement.

Advantages of MODX website promotion

user friendly urls

  • Formation of the unique header for each web-page is carried out automatically.
  • Creation of user-friendly URLs.
  • Determination and elimination of duplicates with a help of Canonical module which points out the main version of the web-page to Google algorithms.
  • Creation of MODX breadcrumbs due to PdoTools plugin with micro formats integration which provides website navigation in the search field.
  • Support of noindex |nofollow and index|follow tags with a help of SEO Tab application.
  • Access to the function of contextual links generation using Context Links module.

Order MODX website promotion from IT DEV GROUP studio

MODX website development and SEO promotion from IT DEV GROUP is a professional implementation of the project considering all the peculiarities of your business activity. MODX offers great opportunities for organizing effective SEO-promotion which will help to attract quality target audience and increase the number of conversion actions and your business profitability as well.

Date of publication: 14.06.2017