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Our custom enterprise solutions

Our enterprise software development services

IT DEV GROUP, based in New York City, is a bespoke enterprise software development company offering an extensive array of services. We recognize the significance of delivering comprehensive web design services and connecting clients with pre-built development solutions.

As a seasoned provider of custom enterprise software, we cater to both large corporations and small businesses. Our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions remains unwavering, ensuring the future development and growth of businesses, regardless of their size.

We offer the following custom enterprise solutions

  • Support
  • We provide further support and help to enhance project after its development.

For whom we do

Artificial Intelligence

document recognition system development

Real Estate

custom apps and systems for sales/rent

Logistics, Warehouses

custom enterprise software for automatic route calculation

applications for vehicles, warehouses availability

Hotels, Restaurants

system of online reservation and registration of guests

taking orders system for restaurants

Ad networks

document recognition systems development

advertising distribution applications

work with Big Data

work with high loads

output of large cuts of statistics

real-time analytics application


custom enterprise applications for time tracking system

product accounting system

warehouse applications development

automation of accounting for raw materials and products

logistics automation

creation of custom enterprise applications

Financial Structures

developing enterprise applications for customer service system

automation of internal business processes

connection of payment systems and aggregators


aggregators and marketplaces for choosing tours

external modules for travel agencies

connection to tour operators


patient accounting system development

medical cards records

online appointment application


sales accounting application

integration with cash registers

online shop any complexity

Online schools

student accounting system

scheduling system

online school report card system

webinar room system

You understand that you need to apply custom enterprise it solutions, but do not specifically know where and what you can apply?

Then leave a request and we will contact you to conduct an audit and tell you what and how you can implement it in your enterprise Contact us
Automation process
Process analysis
Process scaling
Company management system

Technologies that we use in software development

Program Languages

PHP 7+ High exp. OOP, Design Patterns


Javascript OOP, JSON







Frameworks & Libraries







Other skills and technologies






Amazon Web Services (AWS).js

It dev group
It dev group

Why us?

Flexible work

We are very flexible in our development process and prefer to work by two-weeks milestones system. No prepayment needed. You always see what you are billed for.

Strong specialists

We do not work with beginners, there are only experienced team members in our stuff.


We guarantee the result in good quality of the work done.

Great experience

Thanks to our vast experience in various fields, we easily understand the essence of business and its subtleties.

We guarantee the safety of information

We protect all your information that competitors should not know.


We always help to improve or start your business in the shortest possible time and budget.

Quality code

Thanks to our 12 years of experience in software development, we provide high-quality and stable work for your projects.

Bring to the end

Taking responsibility for the project development, we will implement it 100% and will not leave the project on halfway

Well-organized communication

To keep the client informed about everything that happens, we build comfortable communication between departments.

More profitable than a full-time employee

Working on outsourcing bases with us, you effectively cover all needs and save money.

Software development process

  • 1

    You leave a request on the website. We find out the details of the project and determine the requirements in any communication channel that is convenient for you.

  • 2

    We select the most suitable developers based on your request.

  • 3

    We coordinate all the working moments of the custom enterprise software development and provide with a list of several specialists who are already aware of all the details of the project and are ready to start work at any time.

  • 4

    We sign a contract and specialists begin to work on your project.

  • 5

    We carefully check the tasks and give you the result that exceeds your expectations.


In any convenient communication channel

Project manager

  • Makes a plan of enterprise software development
  • Allocates a team
  • Arranges the development process
  • Provides communication between a client and team
  • Eliminates interference for teams
  • Controls the quality and delivery of the product on time


  • Helps monitor all aspects of the workflow
  • Takes an active part in communication with customers and employees

Remembering Ievgen Didenko

IT Dev Group honors and remembers its heroes

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Remembering Ievgen Didenko

Web design and development company from New York City


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