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Project type:

Corporate portal, ERP


Freight transport, warehouse service

Business objectives:

Automation of business processes in a transport company

Project objectives:

Information system development that covers the main processes in a transport company: order management, logistics, warehouse loading, customer complaints monitoring, payroll and revenue planning.

Key features and benefits:
  • The access control system allows you to create accounts for such roles as a dispatcher, a sales manager, an accountant, a storekeeper, a customer complaints manager. The administrator account has universal access to all editable controls and orders, gives the right to create user accounts. The administrator inherits all the management capabilities of all types of accounts.
  • The order management module allows you to manage order information from the customer’s phone call to the moment of receiving feedback: how many and what items need to be transported, addresses and additional stops, how many movers and boxes are needed for packaging, and much more. There is support for multiple and multi-day shipments in this module.
  • The dispatcher module allows you to plan and distribute orders for company trucks, assign loader teams and leave a comment for each stop. Due to the integrated email and SMS distribution, it’s possible to notify drivers about the appointment and any changes in the order.
  • Warehouse management module allows you to track the storage and movement of goods at storages, and also provides access to transportation and locations in which the goods are currently located and accounting for payment for storage services.
  • The complaints management module allows you to handle objections and problems arising during the transportation process and the deal fulfillment conditions. Provides access to the list of completed work. Allows you to file a complaint and set the type of compensation for damage to the customer.
  • Schedule. A summary table of all created traffic for the week, and for each day.
  • Reporting and accounting. The module allows you to generate reports on the activities of sales managers containing the number of orders from each  manager, the amount, and other details of the activity. Organizes the work of uploading reports on various filters - the interval of dates, distances, etc. Each sales manager has access to daily reports which are generated automatically and sent to him via mail.
  • Autoforming reports. Autoforming of reports has been implemented with a list of all complaints from customers according to the specified parameters with further uploading it to XLS and PDF files. 
  • Report generation on the salary for drivers. Automatic generation of reports on salary payments to drivers with the ability to form XLS and PDF files.
  • Letters Management. The module is designed to create, edit and manage letter templates in a simplified form. The administrator can make adjustments to any standard notification letter.
  • Signing of documents. The module allows customers to sign an agreement with a transport company in place, leaving an electronic handwritten signature on the electronic form.
  • Bonus system. Sales managers are awarded with bonuses for bringing a lead to the system; their number is automatically calculated by the system. Bonus management is carried out from the account.
  • API for integration with other lead generation systems.
  • Speed of work. Due to the experience and well-coordinated work of IT DEV GROUP specialists, the portal works at high speed which is a great advantage over competitors.
  • The team permanently works on project updates and new features implementation.
  • RESTful API. It allows you to completely, without errors and in the shortest possible time frames, change the user interface, add mobile applications for any operating system while the software and hardware part of the service will remain unchanged. Along with this, it is possible to have several user interfaces at the same time (desktop, mobile application), and it is also possible to change one interface without making changes to another (for example: change the design or js framework in the desktop part, while the changes will not affect the mobile application)
  • Doctrine ORM. The technology is based on the database access abstraction layer and allows you to replace painlessly the DBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.)
  • Google Maps API The module calculates distances based on data received from Google Maps at the indicated points of the start and end of the route.
  • Docker. The module allows you to deploy a project in any environment seamlessly and quickly (Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux OS, etc.), you just need to install a docker in the operating system, the docker will provide compatibility and version control of the technologies used by the project on its own.
  • Backend - Laravel framework, PHP
  • Frontend - HTML, CSS, Angular 5
  • Design - Photoshop
  • Payment system - Cardknox
  • Infrastructure - Amazon AWS, S3
Project process:
  • - Client’s requirements analysis 
  • Technical documentation development
  • Engineering 
  • - Design development
  • Webpage development using CMF
  • QA - testing 
  • Project implementation and support


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