In loving memory of a visionary leader, mentor, and friend who touched our lives and inspired us all.


In our worst nightmares, we could not have anticipated that one day we would have to write about the horrific tragedy that befell our family. Our colleague, Ievgen Didenko, the person who stood at the origins of IT DEV GROUP, heroically lost his life while defending Ukraine.

Call of the Heart

The war with russia has been ongoing for almost a decade now, and the events of February 24, 2022, knocked the ground out from under many people's feet. Panic and despair gripped the hearts of many, but in this chaos, Ievgen firmly understood the call of his heart—to stand in defense of Ukraine, to resist our sworn enemy, the russian invaders. From the first day of the full-scale invasion, he joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine to defend his homeland.

Honor and Dignity

With a driving force, Ievgen possessed an innate sense of responsibility and justice, honesty, and conscientiousness because they were his life principles. He always dreamed of a strong Ukraine, a modern and developed state, liberated from the shackles of bureaucracy and corruption inherited from the Soviet Union. However, we had to face an even more significant challenge - an age-old enemy, which is rusia.

Determination and Preparation

From mid-2021, there was a sense of an impending tragedy in the air. Some believed that it would all pass, while others prepared "emergency bags" just in case. Our Ievgen, even before the full-scale invasion began, independently studied military affairs, sought all the necessary information to be prepared in advance. He understood that trouble was coming, and he knew he would be among the first to give a decisive response to the enemy.


Ievgen has been honored with commemorative badges and medals from the Main Intelligence Directorate and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, as well as the Order of "For Courage" of the III degree

Forever in Our Hearts

It is often said that heroes do not die, but they do, the best and the bravest, they die for our lives and freedom. They perish, and this terrible wound will never heal, the pain from it will remain unbearable. Ievgen combined the qualities of a brave warrior, an incredibly sincere and reliable companion, our mentor, an experienced and talented professional—all of this we will preserve in our hearts forever.

Thank you for everything, Friend. Rest in peace, our Hero.

Eternal memory!

Ievgen was driven by an innate sense of responsibility and justice, honesty, and conscientiousness, as they were his life principles.

Ievgen Didenko: Biography


Ievgen was born in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan. From early childhood, he nurtured a fascination with paleontology. With a shovel in hand, Ievgen conducted his own archaeological excavations in the yard and garden, hoping to uncover the mysteries of dinosaurs. This passion gave birth to his first scientific work, "The World of Dinosaurs."

Ievgen took his first steps into the world of knowledge at School No. 77 in the city of Zaporizhzhia, where he studied for two years. Simultaneously, Ievgen honed his skills in playing the piano and guitar at the music school. He also decided to independently master the musical instrument known as the sopilka.

From the third to the seventh grade, Ievgen studied at the Aray School in Almaty. Endowed with extraordinary talent, innate charisma, and endless artistry, he actively participated in school performances and regularly recited poems at various events. Additionally, recognizing the importance of sports, Ievgen chose the path of Okinawan Goju-ryu karate-do, achieving a high level in this discipline, namely a purple belt with a black stripe of 4 kyu. As it is well known, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

From the eighth to the eleventh grade, Ievgen received education at Lyceum No. 34 in Zaporizhzhia, where he earned various awards for high achievements in physics, economics, geography, and history. Ievgen also enthusiastically pursued numismatics, deeply researching the history and features of coins and numismatic collections. He completed his rich school life by receiving a well-deserved silver medal, which was a recognition of his perseverance, hard work, and love for knowledge.

Ievgen always felt a part of the glorious city of Zaporizhzhia, the native land of the Zaporizhian Cossacks. From childhood, he absorbed the spirit of national pride and traditions, which became an integral part of his life.

Professional Development

Ievgen Didenko was one of the founders of the IT DEV GROUP company. Alongside his work in the IT sphere, Ievgen shared his knowledge and experience as an instructor at the university, nurturing a new generation of professionals.

Interests and Hobbies

Another facet of the talented Ievgen was his passion for poetry. Outside of work and community activities, he wrote his own verses, sharing a piece of his soul and inner world through his creations.

Life Path Choice

Ievgen always displayed a deep interest in reading, particularly emphasizing a detailed study of Ukrainian history. He deepened his understanding of the past by reading the history of the country in at least two versions presented by different authors. This approach reflected his desire to gain diverse perspectives and analyze various viewpoints on key historical events.

Eager to broaden his knowledge, Ievgen enthusiastically attended even those lectures that seemed dull and challenging to many. Recognizing his high level of knowledge and unconventional approach to problem-solving, instructors often sought Ievgen advice, especially in the field of economics.

In any sphere of his activity, Ievgen always invested his heart and boundless energy. Even when playing football with limited skill, he utilized every moment, giving the game a special dynamism, putting in 100 percent effort.

With great enthusiasm, Ievgen engaged in any adventures, unafraid of challenges. Whether they were sports or intellectual competitions, such as "What? Where? When?" and hackathons, or even ballroom dancing, anything that required courage and creative thinking fascinated Ievgen. He was always at the center of events, viewing them not only as an opportunity to test his own abilities but also to learn something new.

Naturally active, Ievgen found incredible pleasure in taking walks. Even a simple stroll through the city turned into an interesting journey. Once, just stepping outside for a walk, he unintentionally covered more than 30 kilometers but didn't repeat the feat afterward.

Ievgen always encouraged everyone to join exciting journeys. For instance, he organized camping trips, conquering the vast expanses of Crimea, or invited friends to his seaside dacha in Berdyansk. These trips were not only a nature retreat but also an excellent way to strengthen friendships.

He was always joyfully ready to help anyone in need of support, whether it was assistance in learning, personal development, or navigating complex life situations. Those who knew him personally can attest to how adeptly Ievgen found an individual approach to each situation. He possessed the unique ability to recognize the needs of others and provide precisely the help that was necessary.

Community Involvement

Ievgen stood out among those around him with his clear and active civic position. His passionate fight for social justice and participation in various civic initiatives testified to his deep conviction in the importance of everyone's active involvement in shaping a better society.

Gallery of Memories: Happy Moments and Shared Instances

A lifetime of impact: treasured memories and legacy

The bright memories he left behind are a testament to his vision, his wisdom, and the remarkable person he was. From guiding our company to inspiring each of us individually, his impact is woven into the very fabric of our work, our culture, and our hearts.

Leave a Memory

Zheka! That's how everyone used to address you! For me, you are forever a Hero! A person with a capital letter! The one who could find a way out of any situation and solve any task! Always with a smile, always in a good mood. You never acted like a Big Boss, and you were the one people were not afraid to turn to for help. It's impossible to believe that you are no longer with us. Now, forever in memory...

Oleg Bakhurskyi

It is incredibly difficult to write about a person you will never see again. And the reason for all this is war. And it just doesn't fit into the head... During the time I had the opportunity to work with Yevhen, his determination impressed me from the first days. He almost always came to the office among the first, could answer any question, and help solve any work-related issues. It was also very impressive that he found time for teaching. At first, it seemed strange to me – why would a person working in the IT field engage in teaching? But on the other hand, it eloquently spoke of his human qualities and goals, of his desire to be helpful.

And, of course, I want to mention that it was simply impossible not to notice when communicating with Ievgen – his blue, bright eyes and sincere smile.

Thank you for everything

Yevhen Vashchuk

Working with Ievgen, I saw an incredibly kind, calm, brave, and dedicated person. He was exceptionally devoted – to friends, family, his work, and Ukraine. Throughout my life, I've seen very few people like him. Zhenya always helped when asked, was open, and was very intelligent. Even when you thought he knew everything, he still found time for learning. He gave his life so that our country could live and prosper. Heroes don't die; they remain in our hearts. Eternal memory!

Oleksandr Voronov

Zhenya was always kind. Even when things didn't go well for me, he would smile and explain. It was easy and comfortable to communicate with him, and overall, he was a good person. Learning about his passing was very painful for me, and even now, it seems unreal. He is a hero to me, and heroes don't die.

Oleksandra Zaderykhina

I will forever remember his warmth and rational strictness when welcoming new, inexperienced colleagues. He always helped and provided opportunities for others to feel equal with him, unaffected by personal biases. He was sincere and kind. He was, is, and will be a person and a hero with a capital 'H.'

Elvira Isaieva

At first, he seemed very strict, but it's not the case. Zhenya is sincere, kind, open, and very intelligent. I always warmly remember our evening gatherings with a glass of wine, conversations, and strolls around the city in the company of other colleagues. He was always happy to help with various matters and patient when things didn't go as planned.

Diana Kosovska

Ievgen was an honest and pleasant companion with bright thoughts and ideas. Polite, cheerful, always ready to listen, and, importantly, to hear and assist, as well as simply lift spirits. He taught me how to drink coffee with condensed milk, a skill that baristas in cafes usually lack. He was a true friend. People like him are rarely encountered in life. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us. And I want to believe that heaven exists, and Zhenya continues to live among the bright lights in the sky.

Artem Kolomiitsev

There are no words to express the immense pain when the best are taken away. Zhenya was the best - brave, bold, and true hero who defended our country from the very beginning.

The best CTO, cheerful, kind, and sincere – that's how I remember him and will always remember him. Thank you for everything. Eternal glory to the hero! We will all miss you deeply.

Victoria Lugovaya

I only had a chance to talk with Ievgen on job interview before the full-scale war start. From what I remember, there was no such quick interview for me, and the questions were all substantial, especially in contrast to those before. I also recall at the beginning how, while discussing projects with Sasha, he was constantly in touch with Ievgen. I was amazed then at how he could manage all issues, including issues of the projects 'from the trench'. I'm certain he was a wonderful person and friend to everyone. It's sad and painful that the best ones are leaving us. Eternal memory.

Oleksandr Maltsev

Unfortunately, we were barely acquainted: I joined the company just before the onset of the full-scale war — Ievgen went to fight from the first day of the invasion, and this act of his spoke volumes about him as a person. I've heard an incredible amount of warm words about him from colleagues, learned about how talented and professional he was, and heard about what a wonderful friend he was. It's dreadful that for me, he will only exist in these stories and in other people's memories, and that this incredible person is gone forever. It's a tragedy.

Svitlana Martyniuk

Though we weren't close friends, the loss of such a talented and outstanding colleague deeply saddened me. It seemed like it couldn't be true... Ievgen will forever remain in my memory as a genuine person with an unreal sense of humor, a professional in his field, and a truly great human being. My heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones; may your memories of him be a source of strength during this difficult time. A great loss for all of us.

Eternal Glory and Memory to the Hero

Olha Mosina

We didn't communicate much, but my interactions with Zhenya were always filled with positive emotions; he was very kind and responsive. He was always an incredibly fun person. If someone ever asked me about Zhenya, I always said that he was a super cool person who would always help and advise; he was very humble. Cheerful and smart, I always respected people like him!

Roman Ovcharenko

It is truly heartbreaking to lose genuinely good and sincere people. Nothing can fill the void for friends, family, or loved ones. We cannot change or turn back time. The only thing we can do is remember him and pray for the peace of his soul. He died a hero.

Daria Pasichnyk

I met Ievgen in 2019. It's hard to describe him in words. Sometimes very reserved, sometimes it seemed like he was distant, but that's until you earned his trust. He was sensitive and caring towards people, teaching how to ask the right questions and look at situations from different angles. You could turn to him in any difficult situation, and he would listen and help. At work, it seemed like there were no obstacles for him, only one limitation – time. He was curious to learn something new and self-improve. For many, he became a mentor and a friend. Yet, he was very playful and would initiate adventures. He loved life and enjoyed it. I will miss him very much. You will be forever in our hearts, our Hero, friend, and teacher

Olha Repta

I joined the company in 2020 and eventually started working on projects with Ievgen. He was my PM. I was fortunate to work with him; sometimes it seemed like he knew everything. Now, he is greatly missed, but I remember all his advice and guidance. Thanks to him, I learned a lot. Ievgen was a person who stood out with his warmth and was unforgettable. He was very kind, honest, talented, and a smart professional. Also, a brave man who rushed to defend his homeland with a call from the heart. He fought for a happy future for all of us. We will never forget it. It is very difficult to write about him in the past tense because we wish it were a mistake or a terrible dream. And after this cursed war, he will reappear in the office, in his office. There will be a portrait of Taras Shevchenko on the wall behind him, and Ievgen will be smiling, telling us military stories during breaks.

I remembered the corporate event in the summer of '21; Ievgen was in a great mood that day, preparing drinks for everyone. He looked at us all with a satisfied look, and it seemed to me that he saw his success that day. I will forever remember Ievgen as a person with a good gaze and a happy smile.

Glory to the Hero Ievgen Didenko and eternal memory! Eternal respect. I express deep condolences to his family and loved ones, to all who knew and loved him. May Eternal Light shine upon his soul.

Katerina Reshetniak

I think it's impossible to capture in a few sentences who Zheka was and what he achieved in his life. For me, he was the smartest and wisest person I ever met. He had a sharp mind, critical thinking, common sense, experience, curiosity about this world, about people, a sense of humor, and a zest for life. He had answers to absolutely all questions, from the peculiarities of Eastern cultures to who killed Laura Palmer.

His principled stance and adherence to his own convictions make him an incredibly strong personality in my eyes and an excellent example. In his lifetime, he accomplished so much! There are so many events and memories for everyone who crossed paths with him, so many cheerful stories!

I sincerely thank him for everything he taught me, showed me, supported me, and shared his experience. I appreciate the time we spent working together, the challenges, and the successes. I will always remember him as a great friend and a brave hero.

Anastasiia Seredenko

I remember Zheka as a wonderful, kind, talented person, always in good humor and always ready to help. I was very impressed by his courage and his concern for his country. He will remain an example of true bravery and a real hero for me

Denys Smirnov

Zhenya was a person with a capital letter. He could always listen and give sound advice. At all our parties, he was the soul of the company. Unfortunately, war takes away the best of the best. Zhenya, thank you for your feat. Rest in peace, hero. Forever in our memory and hearts!

Bohdan Fedorchak

A good friend, an excellent leader, and a brave defender who fought for the freedom and honor of our country. He will forever remain in our memory and hearts. Glory and eternal memory to the hero!

Yuriy Filippov

Eugene was an exceptional personality who left an incredible mark in my memory. He was not only an excellent leader but also an embodiment of wisdom and talent, always able to find solutions and lead with respect. He was a true mentor, ready to support in personal and professional growth. Beyond all that, he was a warm and kind-hearted person. We had the amazing opportunity to work and communicate with such a remarkable individual.

Oleksandr Chyzhevskiy

Zhenya was a very unconventional person. For instance, on St. Patrick's Day, he showed up with green hair. And he walked around as if he always had that color, telling everyone who asked that it was just the way it was. You could approach him with any question, and he could always give you an answer and explain something. Regardless of the question, you asked, you got a response that made you think. He seemed to have grasped this world as an abyss of tranquility and serenity, yet he loved to have fun and enjoyed life overall. He had a great love for Ukraine; a portrait of Shevchenko hung prominently in his office long before the war began. These are the memories I will cherish of Zhenya. May he rest in peace.

Iryna Sheremet

Zhenya is the kindest and brightest person for me

Oksana Shiyan

Zhenya was pleasant to talk to, a humble person with a great sense of humor, a professional in his field. You could always consult with him or ask for advice on work-related matters.

Artem Yatsiuk

I worked at IT Dev Group alongside Ievgen for about a year from 2020. It was always interesting and comfortable to communicate with him, listening to him as an ambitious leader. However, I also want to remember Ievgen as a bright and kind person, and his gift - the squirrel Sasha. Especially, our fun corporate events and songs come to mind... St. Patrick's Day was unforgettable. Writing this post with warmth and gratitude for everything


Ievgen became one of my first friends when I came to Kharkiv.

Once, he taught me to dance. Latin American dances. It was fun. He somehow got interested in Spanish culture. He said he wanted to learn Spanish because it's a very beautiful language. Now I agree with him. And I feel sorry that now, when I also know a little Spanish, I won't be able to boast about it with him and laugh together with ""caramba"" and ""chica bonita""...

Once he quoted poems to me. Being with Ievgen was equally comfortable joking around with silly jokes and pretending to be pirates, as well as discussing Ukrainian literature, history, dissidents, the past, and future of the country.

Once he gave me a book.

Just like that. Just said it's a book about me. Something about philosophy with a very complicated title.

This blue book rolled from his shelf to mine. I never read it. But I kept it because Ievgen gave it to me.

As experience has shown me, people like Ievgen are rarely encountered in life. Honest, noble, straightforward, and responsible.

He always spoke his mind directly, trying not to offend the interlocutor. It's a rare quality.

I can't comprehend that he's gone. That when we return to Kharkiv, he won't be there.

I regret that we haven't communicated much in recent years. But despite this, I was happy for him because I knew he had those special people around him who made him happy.

My warmest memories of Ievgen are too personal, they froze inside and will remain there forever. Because deep feelings of affection, be it love or friendship, don't go away when the person you feel it for is gone.

I'm sure Ievgen would have liked to ponder this, but unfortunately, I'll never know what he would have said in response..


Ievgen was my thesis supervisor in 2016-2017. A very pleasant person, thanks to whom I graduated from the university at all. Thank you for everything.


We met around 2015 during salsa classes. We probably saw each other only a few times, but I remember Ievgen as a cheerful and extravagant guy.


We worked together around 2016-2017 for about a year. Ievgen was very honest, observant, ironic, and mysterious. He had values that he adhered to, and I'm sure it was always sincere. It was great working with him—reliable, and he was incredibly kind. He had his own special jokes that I still remember. He could filter people by names, which was funny, but he rarely made mistakes. Ievgen was a loyal friend, an incredibly kind person who believed in people and was very disappointed when they let him down. Despite just working together, he is one of the very few people who left strong feelings about himself, and the pain of his loss is significant. He was more than just a colleague. I wanted to measure up to him in some way, not to let him down. My condolences to his friends and loved ones. This loss is too irreplaceable.


I met Ievgen in 2009 in Zaporizhzhia at a historical festival on Khortytsia Island, and we immediately became friends. We met many times at various concerts and festivals, traveled together to the Carpathians on 'shifters,' camped in the forest in Kolomyia when we arrived there almost at night and found out that there was no hotel in the city. Ievgen used to visit me when I lived in the Kyiv region, and although we saw each other quite rarely, such meetings were always a celebration for me. Even during the full-scale invasion, we tried to meet whenever there was an opportunity. Ievgen inspired with his energy, prudence, wisdom, and at the same time, a lively sense of humor. I write this, and I can't hold back tears; you were more than a friend to me, closer than a brother. Rest in peace, Brodnik, I will miss you very much!


We met at university when we attended the taekwondo sports club together. He was always a very friendly and pleasant person, and we had our own small group of 4 people. We were planning to meet the four of us before the war, but unfortunately, it never happened. It's very sad that good people leave our lives, but the memory of a person still remains in the heart

Kornienkova Olena

Ievgen hosted me in 2015. It was my first experience with Ukrainian couchsurfing. He showed me the house where Alesha lived, took me around Kharkiv, talked about the House of Words, showed me where to drink the tastiest beer, and always made sure I felt happy in this place.


Ievgen was my classmate. Talented, intelligent, creative, inventive. Incredibly kind, polite, always ready to help. Very sad that the best ones are lost. My condolences to Eugene's family and loved ones

Eternal memory, Hero

Anna Podzolkova

Ievgen was a teacher when I studied at Karazin University. Later, he became my academic supervisor. I have only good memories with him, as he helped me a lot back then, especially since I had no clue:) I wrote two thesis papers with him. When defending the first one, Ievgen was sitting red as a tomato)) I didn't answer a single question about the thesis. For the defense of the second work, he decided not to come, understanding what a mess was written there)even though I defended well, and I was even praised, he missed that part) Ievgen was very happy when I came and said everything went well)) probably because I wouldn't bother him anymore)) Anyway, only with his help, I coped and somehow defended myself. I think he regretted taking my supervision, but later we celebrated our graduation very well. I brought him a bottle of whiskey as a thank you, and we had a good time)) then I even went to the office to work. They asked me to go home to rest, but that's another story. I was deeply saddened when I learned about his death; it's hard to believe. He was a very positive guy, glory to the Hero!


We never actually met, but the Karazin family means a lot to me. Ievgen, from the first year, whom my mother knows as the deputy dean for educational work at the School of Computer Science. It was 2010-2011. I used to run to her after art school, interact with the active School of Computer Science students, then joined the University myself. Almost every day, I would encounter the most sincere and widest smile ever on the steps of the Northern Building. I knew I was saying hello to Zhenya Didenko, the eternal student-aspirant-lecturer.

Hello and a smile behind square glasses – that's Ievgen to me. It's a pity we didn't communicate more. I will always remember Zhenya as the friendliest person from the neighboring faculty, an activist, and a very brave Ievgen.


Although he was a year ahead of me, we didn't talk personally. But I always felt genuine kindness from him. It's a great honor to live alongside such people in these times. An unspeakable loss for everyone.

Yulia Barsukova

When I learned that Zhenya, unlike most people who gather around the Christmas tree on New Year's night, welcomes the New Year with 'Taras,' it seemed unusual to me. But when we got to know each other better, everything became clear. He always knew what he wanted, what he dreamed of, and what touched his soul!

I know Zhenya as a kind, sincere, selfless, and honest person who despised falsehood and cunning. A person about whom, even if you wanted to, you couldn't recall anything bad.

Zhenya is the beloved man of my dear sister, who, with his presence in her life, finally became happy. Unfortunately, for her, like all his loved ones, only memories remain. But these are the warmest, kindest, and most sincere memories!

Zhenyechka, we miss you very much! It's heartbreaking that the best ones are leaving us!

Glory to the Hero!!!


I was fortunate to study at the university and live next door to Ievgen in the dormitory. I saw how he was in his studies, how he interacted with classmates and friends. A very bright and sincere person. Always smiling, talented, and creative, always ready to help. He was true to himself. My sincere condolences.


Ievgen Didenko was the kindest and most positive person I've ever known. I never saw him in a bad mood. It was always pleasant to talk to him. During our first meeting, I immediately liked him, and I decided to work in his company. He gave me a lot, taught me many things, and was always ready to help. I am grateful to him, and I will always remember...

Eugene Sokolovsky

We studied with Ievgen from 8th to 11th grade. We prepared for university entrance together. However, fate decided that we would enter different universities. He was always smiling and so intelligent. How many victories in Olympiads... I can't even count. He never conflicted with anyone; on the contrary, he tried to support those who were offended. It was so easy to communicate with him. Throughout my life, I've met people like Ievgen no more than the fingers on my hands.

Kovalova (Udovenko) Natalia

One of the few teachers about whom only positive emotions remain. I struggled to pass his subject for a long time, retaking it multiple times and was very anxious about it. He reassured me and said not to worry, everything would be fine. Kind and fair


Ievgen was my classmate... I can't believe we'll never meet again... I remember Ievgen as an excellent student, very smart and kind, always smiling, he let me copy his tests... Heroes never die, eternal memory

Olena Vasilieva

I want to thank you for this good deed - preserving the memory of Ievgen. Heroes live as long as we remember them. Zhenechka was a close person for me; our acquaintance fell during my student years, a period of discoveries and bright moments of youth. Honestly, I no longer remember when exactly we met and where, perhaps it was some walk on Khortytsia or a trip. We met thanks to his sister Nastya, whom I consider a very close friend, like a sister. I only know that every joint trip gave such vivid impressions. Then Zhenechka moved to Kharkiv, and coming to Kharkiv in the fall became our pleasant tradition. Once we spent the night with friends at his apartment; they rented a 2-room apartment in Oleksiyivka at that time. Zhenechka gave us his room and bed, and he slept with Kora (his first dog) on a rug in the hallway... it was so noble and typical of him - everything for friends, never thinking about himself... There were also trips to the Tripilske Kolo festival, to Mykolaiv, and many trips around the Kharkiv region... Kharkiv will never be the same for me now. A part of my soul seems to have detached... I looked at our joint photos, and I still can't believe that Zhenechka is no longer with us... Light memory to you, Hero, Friend. Thank you for being in my life

Olena Smirnova

Hello. My name is Volodymyr. I met Ievgen on February 26, 2022, at the Regional State Administration. We ended up in the same group and stood up to defend our city and Ukraine together. Shoulder to shoulder, we defended our country in Mali Danilivtsi, standing on combat duty. Yevhen is a sensitive, honest, and fair person; I noticed this through our interactions. We lived in the same building, so I knew where he worked and what he taught at the university. In May 2022, we were transferred to Kharkiv. I saw him off every time he went on a combat mission and welcomed him back when he returned. Once Ievgen suggested going to his place to shave and wash clothes. As he walked to his residence, he asked if I had anything to wash, so I said he was a reliable person you could rely on in difficult times. Since Ievgen was assigned to the special forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR), I was with him until June 1, 2022. He added me as a friend. Before transferring to another battalion, we agreed that we would meet and have coffee after the war. Ievgen gave me the Ukrainian flag. On June 9, 2022, I returned my weapon and went back to work. I was not expecting proper documentation. My faith in the commanders disappeared when I wanted to defend my country, but they didn't process me. Maybe things would have been different if we were together. I congratulated him on the holidays, and he did the same for me. The eternal memory will remain in me until the end of my life. Glory to the hero Ievgen. I want to talk to his mother and sister if possible. I don't have their phone numbers, and Ievgen's phone is not answering. My condolences to you on the loss of Ievgen, his family.

Volodymyr Fedai

For the first time, I saw Ievgen in 2017 when I came to IT-DEV for an interview. I was very nervous because I was still a young specialist who couldn't stand on his own during those damn interviews. In short, I was already expecting an hour of humiliation and embarrassment. And here he comes, walking in very casually with a pleasant smile, and extends his hand to me. It took me only the first few seconds for him to become my idol, my support, and a special person on my path. We only saw each other in the office, but he became the person who always believed in me, helped, and inspired me by his example.

At work, things often didn't go well for me then, but I knew that I could always get help. Often, his mere presence was enough, giving me confidence in myself, and all the challenging tasks were resolved in that very moment. His intelligent eyes and calming smile were my best teachers. And he was my 'director,' the person you should be afraid of, pretending to be a good employee.

Thank you, Ievgen, you are forever in my heart.

Andrii L

I was not personally acquainted with Ievgen, but I am grateful to him for his work. A big thank you to Ievgen's parents for raising a true warrior and patriot. Heroes never die.


I knew Ievgen as a good, positive, and sensitive person. We studied together at the same faculty. Thank you, destiny, for the acquaintance; his smile was always open and sincere. It is a great loss.


I knew Ievgen since 2019, and I can confidently say that I've never met anyone like him. It seems like few people can comprehend the depth of his soul and the extent of his thoughts and knowledge. I was always fascinated by his hobbies, his interests seemed strange and almost unattainable to me personally. A mysterious person, a universe of knowledge, a person driven by curiosity and a thirst for new things. I don't consider myself unintelligent, but he always knew more) Thanks to Yevhen, I became interested in things I would never have paid attention to.

Considering that we worked together, I can't remain silent about his professionalism. Zhenya not only calmly responded to the mistakes of others but also patiently explained, taught, and guided. He could see the good in people, and he always assisted with technical matters. It was his calmness and prudence that cultivated tolerance and patience in others, I believe that's the best thing he taught me.

Zhenya had solutions to absolutely everything, the best and wisest, as if he were already a hundred years old, and this world was entirely understandable to him. Ievgen was the soul of the company, cheerful and creative; it seems like everyone has a story with him!

His decision to defend the country in February 2022 didn't surprise me much; everyone knew Ievgen's position. Perhaps the blood of Zaporizhzhia Cossacks manifested itself.

It's been a few weeks, and I can't believe that we're talking about him in the past tense. It's as if I, like everyone else, am waiting for his return. We're opening a new office, and he's one of the first to come, sitting in his office during early calls and preparing for classes.

I'm so sad that I didn't say all these words to him during his lifetime, that I wasn't as sincere and open with him as he was with the world. Everything I say or write is just words that won't change anything, and no one can replace him or be even a little like him. All we have left is to cherish the memory, remember all the fun things that connected us, and be infinitely grateful for the knowledge and wisdom that Zhenya gave us


Simply greeting Ievgen was enough to understand that he was a very open, smiling, and interesting person with a kind soul and strong character. That's how I saw him five years ago, and that's how he will remain in my memories.


We met Ievgen in 2016, and my first impression of him was that he was a 'calm' person. I had never encountered such calm individuals in my life. In any anxious situation, his emotions remained the same – like everything was okay. He was someone you could always rely on. He never refused help, and if he promised something, he delivered. I loved our post-work gatherings with friends. Wherever we were, the guys led by Ievgen enjoyed teasing waitresses, but in a non-offensive way, of course. Our joint kayaking trips, hikes, snowboarding... an incredible number of warm and pleasant memories will stay with me forever. Ievgen is, and will always be, by my side, in thoughts and in the heart!


I remember our first meeting with Zhenya, a cheerful smile, easy conversation, interesting topics... it was my second interview for the frontend position, and thanks to you, Zhenya, I got the dream job at the company. The funniest part was that I found out you were my boss only after working at the company for two months.

I remember how we coded together, and you patiently explained basic JavaScript concepts to me. We drank coffee together in the kitchen, and not just coffee. You were always a friend, mentor, colleague, and most importantly, you were real and honest, always sticking to your principles and being a person of your word.

When the full-scale invasion started, I wasn't surprised that you joined the armed forces and began defending justice; it was in your spirit. I remember your message on that morning - 'Thanks for the overnight commit :) made it to the war, as strange as it may sound.

I am grateful to fate that we knew each other, and these five years will remain a bright imprint in my memory for a lifetime.

Rest in peace, Hero! Eternal memory!


All these years of acquaintance, I considered Ievgen more than just a colleague; he was a friend to me. I understood that he was a much broader personality to confine to such narrow concepts as a colleague-friend. For him, the universe was always a vast space to explore constantly and be in perpetual motion. Every conversation with him was filled with depth, sincerity, and the ability to quickly delve into your personal problem, analyze it, and if not help, then provide a new perspective on its solution. And, importantly, all of this was permeated with genuine optimism and positivity towards you. Ievgen was not just a person with views; he was in constant search of truth, but the feeling of being with him on this path was a privilege because he was maximally sincere with you. With him, any topic could be developed to a level where a problem transformed into an absurd nothing, and something philosophical inspired life-changing moves. After conversations with him, I often felt connected to something profound, which distinguishes a person from plankton. Of course, there were also "crazy" moments, but even in that, he was the person who uncovered new qualities in himself and others. In conclusion, I am infinitely glad to have had Evgeny as a friend, and I hope I was the same for him. I am confident that the universe became much smaller without him. Glory to the hero!


I met Ievgen many years ago in dance classes. We danced together, traveled together, and even wallpapered my apartment. Ievgen was an extraordinarily unconventional person, and it was always easy and enjoyable to be around him. He was the one you turned to for help, whether you needed a mood lift or had to carry furniture to the fourth floor. I am grateful to the universe for having Ievgen in my life. And I am infinitely thankful to him for all the warm and pleasant memories.


Unfortunately, we were almost not acquainted: I joined the company just before the start of the full-scale invasion — Ievgen went to fight from the first day, and this act already spoke volumes about him as a person. I heard a lot of warm words about him from colleagues, I heard about how talented a professional he was, I heard what a wonderful friend he was. And it's terrible that for me, he will only exist in these stories and in other people's memories, that this incredible person is no longer here because of Russia. It is still difficult to comprehend that here, on Defender of Ukraine Day, we greeted him, and three weeks later we were informed that Ievgen had died. It's a tragedy.


We met with Zhenya in 2016, and my first impression of him was a calm person. I have never met such calm people in my life; in any anxious situation, his emotions were the same, like everything is okay. He was someone you could always rely on; he never refused to help. If he promised something, he kept his promise. I loved our gatherings with friends after work, wherever we were, the guys, led by Zhenya, liked to tease waitresses, but it was never offensive). Our joint kayaking trips, hikes, snowboarding... an incredible number of warm and pleasant memories will stay with me forever. Zhenya is and will be with us, in thoughts and in our hearts!


He was a fantastic leader! Thank him for giving me the opportunity to work in his team; it was great. And he was always a cheerful, intelligent, brave man. Eternal light to him. Heroes never die.


Ievgen studied at the school where I work as a deputy director. He is our pride: intelligent, balanced, and decent. He was the first winner of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in the history of the school, the best in economics. An open, sincere, slightly shy person. I remember his graduation. At that time, he was awarded a silver medal for academic achievements and a symbolic gold one for human qualities. The advantage of a school teacher: our graduates go into life, but for teachers, they remain children forever. For me, Zhenka is and will always be. Bright memory, my boy. For me, you are alive.

Svitlana Prus

Zheka, it was easy, bright, and warm with you. Even looking at these photos again, I feel the warmth and joy of those memories, where we were all young and happy. I don't remember where we first met, only certain that it was somewhere in nature or during a journey. Your sister introduced us, and with time, she became like family to me. Our shared journeys were like a breath of fresh air. Remember that festival on Khortytsia - we bid farewell to the Cossack Seagull for a journey, and there was a real celebration on Khortytsia, and we drank mead and danced wildly, so they even spotlighted us from the stage. And the "Tripillian Circle" with quests and concerts? Then you entered Kharkiv University and moved to Kharkiv, and we started the wonderful tradition of visiting you every autumn. Together, we explored the city and the region, and there were so many bright adventures! You gave us your room, sleeping on a mat yourself - that was all you, giving everything to friends. I remember once coming to Kharkiv alone, and you introduced me to an Egyptian. You were always so good at making connections. Your friends tell funny stories about how you reeducated a Muscovite in one night. That's the essence of you, giving everything to the maximum...

On February 24, 2022, you voluntarily went to defend your city. You weren't in the rear or at headquarters - you were on the front lines. You participated in the liberation of Kharkiv region in the fall of 2022, got wounded, but then returned to the military. On October 17, you were gone, killed by Russians. You will forever remain 35.

You accomplished so much, founded an IT company, taught at Karazin Kharkiv National University, and could have done even more. The best ones are leaving...

I am grateful to fate for the meeting with you in my life. I will cherish all the memories associated with you because through them, I feel the warmth and carefree days again...

At your funeral, I saw your brothers in arms, healthy uncles crying... I am sure you could ignite more than one heart and warm many souls. Thank you, Zhenya, for being with us.

Rest in peace, Hero.

Olena Smirnova