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Corporate web site design and development

Corporate sites are the resources containing information needed for the employees and customers, with an extended functional. Such web information sites maintain the company’s image, increase the loyalty of the users and attract them. Corporate web sites will be an optimal solution for company owners who strive for establishing their online business.

Stages of the corporate site design development

Corporate web site design is carried out in 7 stages:

  • Doing the research. This stage includes filling out of the brief by the client, coordination of the number and type of sections as well as preparation of the prototypes;

  • Technical task arrangement for the programming;

  • Website design development. For this stage, composed earlier thematic tasks, prototypes and brief are taken into account;

  • Banners design (corporate web site design cannot be carried out without them, as such elements attract customers’ attention and lead them to action);

  • Adaptive web design page building;

  • Programming;

  • Adding textual and graphic content.

Main corporate website sections

Corporate site design and development implies arranging of the following sections:
  • 1

    About the company;

  • 2


  • 3


  • 4


  • 5


  • 6


  • 7


  • 8

    Photo gallery.

Every section performs its function: due to customers’ feedback, they find out the opinion of the previous clients of your company, FAQ contains all the information, with the help of the gallery there is a possibility to demonstrate the goods visually etc. Altogether, these pages promote your website in search engines and attract customers, thus develop your business.

Functional abilities of corporate sites

Creating corporate and personal information sites cannot be possible without the introduction of various functional which increases loyalty of users and the resource conversion.

It includes:

  • Online-consultant, feedback form, Call back (provides quick interaction between clients and the company representatives);
  • Social networks integration (attracts additional traffic and subscribers, increases the number of the networks back links etc.);
  • Multilanguage;
  • Adaptive web design;
  • Creative web design which distinguishes you from the competitors in a beneficial way;
  • Route map.

Order corporate web site design from IT DEV GROUP – why choose us?

5 reasons why you should order corporate site design from us:

  • Experienced and qualified employees (we’ve been working in IT sphere for more than 5 years);
  • We offer comprehensive solutions for your business;
  • Creative approach in implementing any tasks;
  • We always meet the deadline;
  • We adore what we do and constantly improve our skills.

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