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ERP Development

ERP – this is a system, with the help of which working processes in the company are automatically analyzed, controlled and addressed. ERP programming is necessary for large companies irrespective of the form of property.

Benefits of the ERP systems

The main benefit of such services is the replacement of outdated systems with the help of which communication with clients and company management is carried out. Now for this purpose, you can use a single database. There are many different types of ERP systems.

Large ERP systems possess the following functions:
  • define materials, goods, raw materials etc., which should be ordered;
  • plan the amount and the terms of the delivery;
  • control production plans fulfillment;
  • regulate production amount in order to decrease storage expenses;
  • analyze the quality of the customer service;
  • financial accounting (reporting formalities, calculation of the salary for the employees etc.);
  • processing orders (tracking, delivery services integration, reservation, calculating of the discounts and sales);
  • personnel management (forming reports on time spent, posting news from human resources, filing cabinet etc.);
  • storing documentation;
  • customer or partner support etc.;

Why does your business require the development of its own enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems?

Nowadays open source manufacturing ERP software is necessary for the companies which strive for making business and gaining profit. ERP systems for small business are designed for:


  • decreasing unnecessary expenses;
  • saving time spent on accounting reports;
  • controlling materials and raw materials consumption;
  • replenishing resources;
  • tracking procurements;
  • increasing effectiveness;
  • production volume growth.

What are the benefits of an ERP system? It’s designed specifically for your business, taking into account all the nuances, that’s why it works exactly how you need it. So, it’s crucial to develop ERP software from the experienced and competent ERP software developer.

Why should you order enterprise resource planning (ERP) software development from IT DEV GROUP?

IT DEV GROUP studio offers ERP solutions. Here are the following reasons why you should order from our ERP development company:

  • competent approach for task fulfillment (first, we analyze a business and offer proper ways of achieving the goals);
  • an experienced staff, which skillfully combines client’s wishes and own ideas;
  • meeting the deadlines.

Examples of our work

Dumbo Moving and Storage

Dumbo Moving and Storage