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Сustom ERP development

Custom ERP applications

The main feature of custom ERP systems is a common database that supports several functions used by different departments, such as marketing and accounting departments which can rely on the same information for their corporate needs.

Why do you need custom erp development


Imagine this situation: a company that deals with online sales, can not clearly track the actual quantity of goods on its stock. It is difficult for a sales manager to identify sufficient resources for each customer within a certain period of time.

In such situations, companies lose their clients. But if you use ERP application with an integrated product management module, your sales team can sleep well. It is useful to track which department loses and which one leads. Custom erp development provides transparency and data availability at any time.


Due to authorization and the availability of multiple security systems high protection of confidential data is ensured.

ERP software is well suitable for coordinating financial metrics, making sales forecasts, supporting order volumes and increasing customer satisfaction. It's all easily traceable in one place using ERP system. The program adapts to the specifics of each company.

Erp application development helps to easily plan tasks, simplifies interaction with staff, manage availability of resources, and prepare reports.


Enterprise resource planning system helps to automate various processes and interactions between company departments. There is no reason to buy several other programs, which are often complex to use, have high costs and a lot of unnecessary functions. Employees don't have to spend much time learning how to use different platforms. Simply put, ERP systems connect business processes and provide data exchange between them.

ERP development services

ERP Software Development Services

For our clients we offer individual services in business automation system development.

The most popular ERP modules used by the software development company are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Distribution
  • Financials and Accounting
  • Purchasing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics

We provide complex erp software development services of any size and type. As a rule, small and medium business companies purchase simple ERP applications, that have a certain set of functions to meet the needs of a certain niche.

Individual ERP applications may provide software as a saas development services but a complete set of apps form an integral ERP system that ensures the efficiency of your business processes. ERP is developed specifically for your business and takes into consideration all the nuances so it works the way you need.

ERP software development company

How does erp application development proceed?

Enterprise application development is important for businesses of any size. Our custom erp development company employs a team of experienced developers and analysts who have developed business automation systems for many enterprises in different industries. The corporate application design and development team consists of experienced project managers, business analysts, IT consultants, QA engineers and developers.

When we start cooperation with the company, get information from the company staff about all the business processes and requirements of the software. Our ERP development services include analyze company departments and all business processes. We build a strategy and offer a solution based on the identified requirements.


While developing ERP applications, we create software that has two levels: corporate and subsidiary. Due to this, each department of the enterprise remains independent, but at the same time we combine it into one system. Then developers start to prepare for project implementation and realization. After that experienced ERP developers create and test a system that satisfies the requirements of this organization. Our company provides support services for the entire period of cooperation.

Why you should choose custom erp development company in USA IT Dev Group

IT Dev Group has been developing corporate applications for 7 years.

Our advantage is that our ERP developers carefully analyzing your business and other businesses in this niche, to understand and implement all the necessary processes, offer ways to achieve the conceived.

We skillfully combine the wishes of our customers with their own ideas. We always implement the project on time. Developing customized erp solutions are suitable for various business niches.

Custom erp software development significantly simplifies the work and improves business performance.

Examples of our work

Dumbo Moving and Storage

Dumbo Moving and Storage