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MODX website development

MODX CMS is a free content management system and framework for developing web applications with an open source code. A flexible system allows implementing difficult adaptive design solutions and modifying it according to the client’s requirements. MODX content management system is a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced developer which allows experimenting and implementing. MODX Revolution website development is a rational decision which combines cost-effectiveness, quality and performance of the product.

For what kind of websites

MODX Revo system finds a wide application in modern development and is used for creating resources in a range of separate niches:

It is a perfect choice for products of up to one year of the development.

Advantages of MODX development of websites

Building MODX-based websites is a popular choice among MODX developers due to the system flexibility and simplicity of modernization. Here are the following advantages of the implementation for the client:

  • Conveniently customized (crossbrowsing, adaptive) admin panel;
  • The system with a high safety level;
  • High performance and load speed;
  • SEO promotion simplicity orientation;
  • Ease of functional modification and support;
  • Ability of random design integration;
  • Allows implementing multiple domains with ability to control them with one admin panel;
  • Flexible system of permissions to the admin panel and user part of the website;

MODX website development is a cost-effective solution. The CMF has a wide MODX developer community which gives a good engine support. It has lots of ready modules:

  • Easy website customization for search engines;
  • Integration with systems of mailing/delivery/payment etc.;
  • Integration with accounting systems;
  • Simplicity of CRM system integration;
  • MODX-based online store – an easy start with minishop.

Thus, the functionality of the management system allows decreasing the cost of the resource implementation. It’s interesting that MODX CMF is on the list of top best management systems:

  • 3-d place in the world among the best free CMS according to CMSmagazine;
  • 2-d place in the world as the most promising management system with an open source code according to Packt Publishing.

Time frames and cost of MODX website development

Terms and cost of MODX-based websites cannot be determined exactly because every project has its peculiarities in implementation and requires individual approach. As a rule, the cost depends on the following factors:

  • Type of a website and difficulty of its implementation – ecommerce website, visiting card or corporate one;
  • Design and functional requirements as well as client’s wishes.

Order MODX website development from IT DEV GROUP – Why choose us?

IT DEV GROUP company develops professional MODX websites. Every project gets thorough attention. During the process of implementation all the subtleties and peculiarities of the niche and target audience are taken into account. Why you should order a MODX-based website from IT DEV GROUP studio:

  1. More than 5 years of experience;
  2. Ready project team:
    • Scrum manager;
    • UX designer;
    • Template designer;
    • Programmer;
    • Tester.
  3. The websites are ready for further SEO promotion;
  4. Technical and informational support.

Experience all the advantages of the work with professionals and get a reliable selling tool with high rates.

Examples of our work

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