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Reservation system for online sales

Implementation of the online website reservation system will lead your business to the new level, make you a step ahead of the competitors and provide a client-oriented service for the customers. This function is in great demand in the hospitality; however, it’s also implemented in the working schemes and services of the business in other spheres such as entertainment and services: for optimization of the business processes of the restaurants, night clubs, concert halls, theaters etc.

Functional abilities of the facility booking software

Abilities the booking systems software offers optimization of the sales schemes:
  • Creation and steady increase of the client’s database;
  • Full control over the places reservation in the administrator;
  • Automatic phone reminder on the new reservation for the employees;
  • Reminder for the client about the planned event;
  • Integration with numerous social media services to attract more clients;
  • Sale of the additional services on the website;
  • Program works round-the-clock;
  • Online payment.

Product’s functions may be increased depending on the specific business peculiarities and the goals set. Booking system software suits to all business types irrespective of its size. It offers a wide choice of options and useful functional which will take your business to the next level.

Here are the following examples of different web reservation system software types in various spheres:
  • Bus reservation system;
  • Online rail reservation system;
  • Taxi booking system;
  • Travel booking systems;
  • Hotel booking software;
  • Restaurant reservation software;
  • Airline reservation software;
  • Conference room reservation software.

As you can see the development of the online reservation systems benefits all the business spheres.

Advantages of using web reservation system software for your business

Ability to book a place here and now increases the website’s conversion. This fact cannot be argued. The client won’t be calling to the manager to find out whether there are free places on the specific day. He chooses to pick a suitable date, time and room (place, table) and reserves it. If a user shuts down the browser postponing the task for tomorrow, the possibility that he will return tends to zero.

An open source online booking system for website provides the following benefits:

  • ability for a client to book a room (service, place) in the moment of making a decision;
  • user-friendly and simple interface which makes it more attractive to the customers;
  • full information for the client about the real-time hotel occupation (hall, restaurant);
  • conversion increase of the website;
  • optimization of the staff working time;
  • providing comprehensive and understandable reports;
  • obtaining sales statistics.

PHP online booking reservation system implemented into the website is able to influence the sales (volumes, an average cheque) in a short term. That’s this is a great business tool which offers numerous benefits and develops your business.

Why should you order the best online reservation system from IT DEV GROUP?

IT DEV GROUP Company creates online booking system software for the businesses. We offer:

  • comprehensive solutions;
  • quality assurance;
  • development and implementation of the online reservation system open source;
  • constant technical support and easy instructions;
  • training employees how to use the product.

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