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SaaS product development company

SaaS professional services are technologies allowing usage of software as a service with the help of the browser or API without the actual computer installation. The following saas product development company shows numerous advantages of SaaS.

IT DEV GROUP studio offers custom software development according to the following algorithm:

  • 1

    forming and coordination of the technical task;

  • 2

    designing interface;

  • 3

    database formation;

  • 4

    development and implementation of the design;

  • 5

    building pages of the confirmed interfaces;

  • 6


  • 7

    product testing;

  • 8

    completed product presentation to the client.

saas application development services

Characteristic features of the custom SaaS app

IT service market develops and improves constantly, as evidenced by the emergence new tools for doing business. SaaS solutions for small business have been successfully used from 2001 year.

Here are the Saas based product characteristic features:


  • there’s no need to download and install the software on the computer: the client uses the programs and applications needed remotely using network;
  • the client doesn’t buy the software but leases it. The fee includes SaaS customer service, updates and administration. You choose the payment method (monthly subscription fee or depending on the data volume).
  • Several clients may work simultaneously in the same service.
Saas product development company

Ecommerce SaaS product development

Nowadays ecommerce platform SaaS development is becoming more popular. It is a quick and easy way of starting an online business.

Here are the benefits of SaaS:
  • there’s no need to install the software on the working computers of every employee;;
  • savings. You don’t create data center, don’t lease a special office, and don’t pay for regular updates and software customer service. The only expenses are the subscription fee;
  • launching speed;
  • user-friendly appearance due to which your employees won’t have to learn how to use the platform;
  • mobility. You don’t depend on the certain computer, for the full-fledged working process you will need only the Internet access;
  • there are requirements for the office computer capacity. You can even use the laptop or a tablet;
  • Cross-platforming;
  • Saving data and files in the cloud;
  • Flexible and transparent payment methods. You choose the functional needed and pay only for it. If needed the functional can be reduced or increased.

As you can see open source SaaS platform development is vital for the successful growth of your business.

Saas product development services

Why you should choose our SaaS product development company

IT DEV GROUP’s team of experienced developers offers clients to build SaaS business applications for 5 years already. Reasons why you should order from us:

detailed business analysis and definition of main requirements before project implementation;

we offer ideas but take into account all the customer’s wishes;

we implement loyalty programs for our regular clients. So contact our saas development company in NYC and lets grow together.