Stages of the Internet search optimization

  • Searching audit

    The analysis of the internal problems which influence the ranging results, processing server errors, compatibility of the website with the current search engine requirements, code purity evaluation etc.

  • Semantic core selection and clustering

  • On-site optimization

  • Off-site optimization

  • Website usability analysis

    Evaluation of the website’s menu structure, navigation, textual information formatting, product card visualization, shopping cart usability et.

How is SEO search engine optimization in the USA from scratch carried out?

Search marketing optimization from scratch to the Google TOP is a difficult task which requires the maximum study of the topic from the expert to work.

New websites’ optimization can take no longer than 6 months to see first significant results.

  • Detailed introduction with the client’s business specifics: understanding of the priority tasks for the client, studying the seasonality of the products/services, definition of the specific goal of the SEO service (TOP-orientation/traffic/orders);
  • Studying the demand and supply in the future topic;
  • Conducting analysis of the competitors;
  • Conducting technical audit of the website aimed at definition and elimination of the current problems on the website which can obstruct the effective professional search engine marketing services;
  • Semantic core clustering. Every request block is attributed to the target page on the website. In case if there is no place for some part of the requests, it is recommended to change the website structure for the maximum audience coverage on the target requests;
  • Collecting expanded semantic core;
  • Setting the trafficand target actions monitoring on the website with the help of the Google Analytics;
  • On-site optimization:

    • Meta-tags optimization – title, description, keywords;
    • Writing SEO-texts;
    • Setting internal links;
    • Setting canonical links;
    • Setting micro-marking;
    • Optimizing alt and title attributes for the pictures.

  • Off-site optimization.It is aimed at increasing brand’s recognition and link mass of the website. It is carried out by working with the catalogs of the websites, companies, press releases, forums, blogs etc. For the external optimization, only trust and thematic resources which can result in a significant increase of the referral traffic are chosen.

Professional search engine optimization (SEO) services in the USA are carried out in the following stages

Effective website optimization of the resources which were optimized before

This question is relevant to the clients whose website search marketing optimization made before didn’t show any results.

As a rule, website optimization techniques for the resource which have been promoted before requires special attention. It wouldn’t be enough to remake all the work from scratch.

In this case, professional search engine optimization company in the USA will include the following stages:

As a result, you receive an effective SEO search engine optimization in the USA, conducted by the best search engine optimization services provider in New York, the results of which you will see in 3-6 months.

  • Understanding the problem:
    • Why isn’t the traffic rising?
    • Why did the traffic fall?
    • Why did the TOP go down?
    • Why are there no orders?
  • Making a decision

    It is determined how to re-optimize the website in order to improve the figures and not to loose everything that was achieved before.

  • Starting work
    • Search result analysis of the website and conducting searching audit;
    • Eliminating technical problems with the website;
    • Evaluation of the promoted list of the keywords. Refinement of the semantic core and proper key distribution on the target pages of the website are carried out if it is needed;
    • Re-optimizing of the meta-tags and the texts on the optimized pages;
    • Analysis and cleaning of the linking mass of the website;
    • Conducting usability analysis of the website and eliminating the problems detected.

As a search optimization company, we offer website promotion in the TOP of the Google

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We offer an Internet promotion to e-commerce, corporate websites, visiting-card sites of various themes (online stores which sell furniture, make-up, toys for children, tools; websites providing services: transport companies, web design studios, medical companies etc.)

  • Increase the website visibility in Google requests;
  • Give you a significant growth of the target traffic from the search engines;
  • Increase the growth of the e-commerce volume.

Terms of the website optimization? When can you see the results?

In every specific case, SEO optimization of the website in Google search engine has its individual terms for different themes. Also, the duration of the optimization depends on:


The project volume


The number of the promoted requests


The level of the competition in the search engine


The Initial structure and technical component of the website

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  • Strict following of the set targets and coordinated plans.

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