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UХ, UI website design

UI/UX web interface design is a system consisting of methods and tools with the help of which interaction between users and the website or web application etc. takes place. During website development, the main task is obtaining UX user experience web design in the outcome. UI and UX designs are two different concepts which should be addressed separately.
UX web design implies implementation of the number of steps for achieving indicated goal of designing for user experience. UX design website will contain the following elements.

UX user design experience is used for:

Defining final goals and setting targets;

Choosing tools;

Product development;

Analysis of the gained results.

UI website design is a user interface which is one of the UX (design for user experience) components. It consists of a complex of the graphically edited technical elements meant for the web design user experience. User interface design company function is helping user and website interaction. General rules: grouping, organization, alignment and common style of the interface components as well as the free space on the page.

Stages of the prototype development

Developing a prototype of the user website interface is an important stage of the development. It consists of creating a page structure with all the necessary elements (buttons, forms etc.). The process takes place in 4 stages:

  • Defining requirements;
  • Developing a prototype;
  • Structure analysis conducted by the customer, detection of the things which require changes or additions;
  • Making detected amendments.

Prototype development varieties

There are several types of this stage realization in the IT-service world:

paper interface prototyping.

This is a fast and simple way of creating a structure which doesn’t require special software. However, while making amendments the whole layout would have to be redone;

developing a prototype by means of special software.

This is the most common practice. Pros: interactivity, accessibility to everyone, easy amendments, obtained result is shown in the picture or in html document;

using a board.

Advantages: scale, easy amendments. Drawback – the information, written on a board, is not accessible to all the participants of the project;

using online services.

The convenience of this method is no need to install special software.

Advantages of website user interface design

Designing the user interface for a website is an important stage of the product development which shouldn’t be neglected. Main advantages:
  • quick coordination of the details with the client;
  • saving time for making amendments;
  • reduction of the workload due to inaccuracies detection before the design stage;;
  • simplification of the content creation due to the precise structure;
  • ability to test the website at the early stages;
  • minimal risks for the client (initially the client pays only for the design);
  • more concise and clearer than a standard thematic assignment.

Which tools for developing a prototype are we using?

In order to develop a prototype of the website we use the following tools and resources:


Axure – is a program designed for prototyping websites and applications for desktop and mobile interfaces. It supports adaptive prototypes and the eventual result is shown in pictures or html-file;


marvelapp.com – it helps to create prototypes out of the paper sketches or drafts etc..

Why should you consider ordering prototype development from IT DEV GROUP?

Main reasons why you should order website user interface design from us:

significant work experience (we’ve been working on the market of such services for more than 5 years);

creative approach to every task implementation;

optimal solutions corresponding to customers’ requests a hundred percent;

Numerous portfolio examples of the professional UI web interface design.