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Professional web design and branding services

Developing and creating web sites design is an integral part of the process involving in working with the project. First of all, the client’s attention is attracted to design. Web design inspiration influences the customer’s opinion. That’s the reason why beautiful web design in NY is so important for increasing a number of customers and resource promotion. So, it’s worth to consider finding competent web designing websites services in USA.

Professional web site design and branding services for designing a web page for the website imply detailed structure development. The results of this process are:

Full understanding of the future target audience;

Structure of the website;

Functionality (defining the type of the website – static or dynamic);

Name and slogan for the resource.

Development stages of the adaptive and selling web designs

Development of the adaptive and selling creative web design websites is a key condition in current realities. For surfing web-resources, people are using standard computers and laptops as well as tablets, smart phones and other gadgets with a different screen size. Proper display of the pages on any device is ensured by the adaptive web design of the website (for example, online store). Selling website design is the one with attractive elements (buttons, blocks, banners etc.) which draw customers’ attention and inspire to purchase goods or use a service.

The stages of the adaptive or responsive web-design for the website from scratch:
  • planning. We analyze the client’s business, conduct a research on the competitors, prioritize and set goals as well as evaluate interface elements;

  • creation of the modular net using a special generator for the adaptive design;

  • the design itself. With a help of the prototypes and graphic tools, the units are distributed on the modular net.

Selling web sites’ design is implemented according to the same principle. Compulsory requirements for the design include observation of the balance between the simplicity and expensive appearance, as well as usability web design in New York City principles and minimalism.

We offer unique web design in USA created by professional web designers in NYC for the websites of the following categories.

IT DEV GROUP studio provides professional web design and branding services for:

Web design for ecommerce websites:

  • Clothes
  • Bags and accessories
  • Glasses
  • Perfumery
  • Building tools and materials
  • Car parts
  • Etc.

Corporate web design:

  • Medicine
  • Tourism
  • Production facilities
  • Etc.


  • Educational
  • Medical
  • Building
  • Etc.

Why should you consider ordering creative web design services in New York from IT DEV GROUP studio?

9 reasons which will convince you to order personal web design from us:

  • Young team with a huge baggage of knowledge which has been successfully implemented in practice;
  • Numerous satisfied customers;
  • Portfolios with the examples of good web design;
  • Fresh, unconventional ideas;
  • Stylish business web page design which you can order from us at a competitive price;
  • Meeting the deadlines;
  • Comprehensive solutions;
  • We take into account every concern and wish of the client;
  • The absence of the outdated technologies.

IT DEV GROUP web-design studio is a reliable assistant in resolving difficulties!

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