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Web portal development

Custom web portal development is a website implementation containing interactive services, links and other resources, services. With the help of the customer web portal, one can find the information on any theme. In order to build a web portal, web portal developer should first offer different web portal designs to the client.

Types of web portals

Personal web portal development starts from the definition of its type. This step should not be neglected in order to receive all the benefits web portal gives. Similar websites are classified on 3 criteria:

Information theme:

  • horizontal. These general purpose portals are designed for a large audience of users. They are characterized by the content and services diversity (contain news, games, music, provide mailbox services etc.);
  • vertical. This type is completely the opposite of the previous one. It implies specific themes coverage and is developed for certain group of people;

Users’ oriented:

  • corporate. Under “web portal development services” one understands the work for the complex of the database and information systems of the company, the access to which is given to the employees and some company partners;
  • public. Creation and development of such b2b web portal implies that all the information and services on the portal will be to public access for the unlimited number of users.

Coverage of the territory:

  • International (contain news and other data of the global scale);
  • Regional (oriented toward the certain area inhabitants).

Stages of designing a web portal

Competent web portal development company follows strict rules on implementing the project. In order to make a web portal we apply personal approach. Creating and developing a web portal is a major work which is carried out in 6 stages:

  • Definition of the goals, tasks and the resource type as well as specific technical task setting;

  • Arrangement of the website structure, indication of the number of pages and required dynamic modules;

  • Building a web portal layout and coordination of the result with the client, making amendments;

  • Programming (when the client has already confirmed the design);

  • Filling the site with the content that corresponds to the chosen theme;

  • Testing and placing the product on the Internet.

Order web portal development from IT DEV GROUP – why choose us?

Corporate web portal development is an activity we proudly call ourselves professionals in. By ordering such web portal development services from us, you’ll get the following advantages:

Comprehensive analysis;

Rational web portal development solutions;

Help of the experienced managers and marketers;

Quality product within established deadlines.

To order web portal development, please contact us on the phone, via e-mail or Skype.