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Website development services in NYC

Turn-key website development implies complex approach and provision of the range of website development services. It includes:

  • Hosting and domain registration;
  • Designing;
  • Programming;
  • Content creation and filling.

What kind of websites do we develop?

IT DEV GROUP offers the following web site development services of different types:

  • Small business websites. These are the resources, the goal of which is to provide information about you, your business and contacts. Private individuals and entrepreneurs usually order this type of web development in New York;
  • Corporate web site. These are represented by the large resources containing information about your organization and “representing” it in the network. Such kind of business websites development is a difficult task as it requires unique design and corporate identity. Functions of the corporate website: to familiarize the customer with your business, attract clients and develop a business;
  • CRM systems. It’s a software which helps to organize and control the work within the company as well as to interact with the clients;
  • ERP systems. These are the systems which automate the control, the planning, accounting and the analysis of all the processes which take place within the company;
  • Ecommerce website. Up-to-date web development website in New York designed for online trading is a popular service. Successful business development, in this case, cannot be happening without the online store – a type of the interactive web development in NYC, with a help of which the goods are advertised, the orders are taken and being processed, the customer and the seller are communicating;
  • Booking and reservation system. Website development of this kind of websites are in great demand among owners of the hotels, motels and other similar complexes in order to promote services, provide updated information as well as for online room reservation;
  • Web portals. Web development in New York services also implies the work on the portals. These are the websites designed for the specific audience and providing interactive services.

Web development stages

Web development of the sites from scratch takes place in 8 stages:

  • Marketing planning. The first step is a definition of the basics and finding out what you want to get from the future resource, what are the main goals of creation, how it can be helpful for the visitors etc. On this stage the thematic task is drowned up for all the team members;
  • Technical planning. It’s skipped if there are tight deadlines. However, prioritizing tasks leads to more competent completion and minimizing a number of corrections. During planning navigation, functionality and programming parameters are determined;
  • Professional website development of the selling websites necessarily implies designing. This is a difficult stage as resource design plays a crucial role in the way it will be perceived by the customers. It should correspond to your corporate style, reflect anticipated goods or services and attract customers;
  • Page making. This is a design transfer from picture format into html code. With the professional page making there won’t be problems with the website functioning in different browsers;
  • Custom-made web development in New York cannot be made without choosing a CMS (controlling system or programming “engine”). The main requirement for the CMS is the simplicity so there won’t be any problems with updating and adding content in the future;
  • Filling the site. It includes the text, pictures, and other content. If you are using CMS, the procedure won’t cause any problems;
  • Testing. According to the rules, testing should be made after every stage, but the final one is compulsory. Ability to work in browsers, presence of the materials and properly working functionality, etc. are checked;
  • Placing a site. This is a final web site development stage. After that the new material is added to the site and the website is promoted.

Website development is carried out on the basis

Adaptive web site development is carried out with a help of popular CMS/Framework:

  • Laravel – is a framework with an open code. Main features: large community of the programmers, module connection packages, simple data work, REST-routing etc.;
  • MODX – controlling system in which the license and the source code are opened. Among the advantages it should be noted: simplicity of expandability, cross-browser administrating system, MVC compatibility, store of the additions, repository extension etc.

Advantages of ordering turn-key web development in NYC

3 reasons to order turn-key website development:

  • The company carries out all the works on developing the resource;
  • During web development you continue doing your current business;
  • Comprehensive services (as a result you will get a unique design, proper CMS, regular technical support).

Order website development from IT DEV GROUP studio – why choose us?

You should order web site development from us due to the following reasons:

  • Professional approach to every project;
  • Work experience in IT sphere is more than 5 years;
  • Further website support.

IT DEV GROUP studio for website development will be your reliable partner!

Examples of our work

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