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Web application and website testing

Sometimes developers skip website testing process, considering it unimportant. They hope that all the bugs can be fixed any moment and enterprising companies charge additionally for this service. As a result, the project is not working properly but it has been already paid for. In order to avoid such situation, you should specify already during the planning process, which quality assurance company will be conducting paid website testing of the online store, or example and whether it is included in the price.

Website testing types

Resource efficiency is undergoing a check-up by the following testing types:

functional testing;

performance testing;

interface testing (UI testing);

security testing;

A/B testing.

Let’s go into details of each of these methods.

Functional testing of a website

Testing should be started with the functional part, which is the presence of links, connection with the database etc.

This stage implies compulsory automated website testing:
  • functioning of the forms aimed at obtaining customers’ data and communicating with the clients (example: callback, feedback etc.);
  • search (compliance of the results and work adequacy);
  • check-up of the links leading to the other pages hyperlinks, audit and existence of wrong links;
  • checking databases. This is a crucial step which cannot be underestimated as it’s basically the whole website’s content which should be updated, edited and executed properly;
  • checking cookies. These are very important because with the help of cookies the login process is maintained;
  • HTML/CSS validation. This step is vital in case of SEO optimization for the website. HTML errors should be checked as well as the accessibility to all search engines;
  • adequacy of counters functioning;
  • controlling the compatibility testing of the posted textual and graphic information provided by the customer.

After functional web application automated testing, quality assurance agency gives recommendations on making amendments if such exist.

Load testing

The website loading time test is made and the data are collected on the time the website (application) answers the user’s request. Received numbers are compared with the search engines’ requirements and if the compliance is not achieved, the amendments are made.

Load web applications and website testing imply:

  • Reaction time check-up during simultaneous actions of the large number of users, in order to understand the amount of traffic the project will be able to handle;
  • Test speed of a website on displaying scripts, content and pictures;
  • Definition of the suitable parameters.

In the case of the incompatibility of the figures, the parameters are optimized. Often load automate testing web applications is carried out.

Stress testing

This website testing type is designed to detect the ability of the system to work beyond its limit. At this point, the system is broken intentionally in order to figure out whether it will be able to recover and how it will react to such stress.

Compatibility testing

The testing of the compatibility is carried out in the following stages:
  • compatibility of the browser. The website compliance to the browser requirements is to be checked. As a result, the cross-browser testing should be carried out;
  • operating system compatibility. The website should be checked for compliance with all the existing operational systems;
  • mobile browsing. Like in all other devices, mobile browsing should also work properly, so this option should be also checked;
  • options of printing. If a website offers printing options, they should also work properly.

Vulnerability testing

The next test is a security of your project and the ability to reflect detractors’ actions. Testing a website on the vulnerability and mistakes detects code and server work faults, by using of which malicious users can cause serious damage to your resource.

Check-ups for that purpose include:
  • Website audit for vulnerability;
  • Manual analysis of the content;
  • Search and determination of faults in the scripts and web application components logics.

It’s better to carry out the required testing before the project start than to conduct security testing of the website and web applications after the resource was hacked and the company suffered financial losses.

QA testing

System testing of the processes (whether these correspond to the required conditions, responsible for the quality of the website functioning) –is a QA testing. Chosen quality assurance agency will test a website on different devices etc. The resource will also require testing a website in different browsers. The benefits of the process are obvious. In other words, this type of the analytics makes the whole development process better.

In the framework of the website testing the following actions are carried out:


- system evaluation aimed at finding out whether the stage development result corresponds to the one written in the stage concept;


– definition of the conformity of the developing software to the expectations and demands of the users, system requirements.

During QA manual software testing, the company that provides quality assurance and website testing services is oriented to the end user including testing your website on mobile devices. That’s why ecommerce website testing is carried out considering an objective view of the project condition.

Automatic testing

Using automate testing of web applications means to perform the work at all levels with the help of the software. It’s made with the aim to save time and ease the whole process.

There are two approaches to the automation:

  • On the code level (includes module testing);
  • On the appearance for the user level (the user’s actions are imitated with a help of the testing frameworks).

In most cases, automated website and web applications testing are made through the graphic user interface.

Types of manual testing

Users who try out the project's functions and report to the developers about the bugs found – this is the manual web applications and websites testing. With the apparent simplicity and the advantages of the method, its usage is compulsory in the following cases:

usability testing;

in short-term projects;

when the flexibility needed.

Usability testing

This type of the manual website testing includes the following steps:

  • navigation simplicity testing. On this stage, you should check the easiness of the website surfing and proper work of all the buttons, banners, links etc.
  • checking the content. On this stage, the content is thoroughly checked for grammar errors and readability as well as the whole design attractiveness. The content should be interesting containing colourful quality pictures and proper working links.

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