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CRM for Banks

Proper CRM software will increase the productivity and efficiency of any company. It’s especially true for the businesses working in the financial services sphere where the competition is intense. CRM for banks is a necessity because it helps to connect with customers on a deeper level which is one of the most important factors increasing the company’s revenue.

Key CRM features for banks

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is designed to help companies increase their efficiency by providing quality services. Banking CRM software offers numerous tools and options for delivering fast, relevant and quality services at the right time. Here are the main features of a CRM system:

  • Comprehensive customers’ database;
  • Integration of data from other banking systems;
  • Communication tools;
  • Ability to share customers’ information across departments;
  • Data management;
  • Clients’ analytics;
  • Automation of sales processes;
  • Risk management.

Benefits of CRM for Banking

Specially designed for the specific requirements of financial services companies, CRM for banking is vital for developing a business. This simple solution will help you to:

  • Get access to the clients’ profile for all departments;
  • Increase the number of products used by clients;
  • Increase the clients’ loyalty and prevent the outflow;
  • Reduce risks of managing a business;
  • Improve the managers’ and employees’ efficiency;
  • Increase profits;
  • Increase efficiency and decrease the cost of marketing companies;
  • Decrease the amount of time for launching new products;
  • Increase company’s performance;
  • Automate corporate processes.

Steps of development

CRM in banking industry plays an important part in increasing clients’ loyalty and gaining profits. The system provides effective tools for managing a comprehensive customers’ database, maintaining long-lasting relationships and improve the company’s efficiency and performance. Here are the following steps of the system development:

CRM for banking from IT DEV GROUP

CRM in the banking sector has its peculiarities and should be carried out by the professionals. IT DEV GROUP offers personal CRM which will solve specific tasks of your bank and have the following functional abilities:

  • Website integration;
  • IP telephony integration;
  • Managing and controlling employees;
  • Automation of documents’ management;
  • Getting quick access to clients’ data;
  • E-mail integration;
  • Automatic reports generation and many more.

Why choose us?

CRM in banks increases the company’s performance and profitability. Being a trustworthy company with the young and professional team, IT DEV GROUP will help you to take your business to the next level. By choosing our company you will get:

  • Quality CRM solution;
  • An unconventional approach;
  • Laravel-based system;
  • Technical support and training;
  • Creative design;
  • Effective management tools.

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