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CRM for Call Center

CRM for a call center is a software solution designed to help call center agencies to improve the quality of their services and access the clients’ information by merging data into one system. Customer Relationship Management system or CRM provides unique options and tools for increasing customer satisfaction of call center clients.

Key CRM features in call center

CRM software for call center provides an opportunity to take a business to a new level, automate different corporate processes and significantly increase the productivity. Here are the following features of the CRM solution for a call center:

  • Making outbound and inbound calls;
  • Running call campaigns;
  • Ability to record calls;
  • Making call notes;
  • Ability to make automated voicemail drops;
  • Using call scripts;
  • Receiving call reports.

Why your call center needs CRM software?

CRM call center software is a profitable investment which pays off really fast. Formation of huge clients’ database and automation of other corporate processes increases the call center efficiency and profits. Having accurate information at hand is vital to increase a customer satisfaction. This way, call center representatives can find the faster resolution of problems and therefore, become more effective. The system is based on Laravel Framework which makes it simple to use. Any competitive company requires CRM systems. By implementing the system call center agencies will be able to:

  • Process calls quickly;
  • Work with leads and clients;
  • Track the productivity of departments and each employee in particular;
  • To distribute the workload among the employees;
  • Get automatic reports;
  • Form clients’ database containing a detailed information about each customer;
  • Receive financial reports;
  • Analyze and optimize the development strategy.

Steps of development

CRM for call center should meet the customer’s requirements and include only necessary options in each separate case. The system should be created according to the peculiarities of the business. For this purpose, there are the following stages of the system development:

  • Analysis of the company requirements, project tasks;
  • Setting up the technical task;
  • Web design;
  • Web development;
  • Testing for errors;
  • Implementation and launch.

CRM software for call center from IT DEV GROUP

Being on the market of CRM development for more than 5 years we offer personal CRM solution for your specific business which has the following functional abilities:

  • Website integration;
  • IP telephony integration;
  • E-mail integration;
  • Managing and controlling employees;
  • Getting quick access to clients’ data;
  • Automation of documents’ management;
  • Building an algorithm of clients and partners’ cooperation;
  • Automatic reports generation and many more.

Take the first step toward your business development by ordering the product for optimizing corporate processes from professionals.

Why will you choose us?

We’re a young and creative team of professionals who have already completed numerous successful projects. IT DEV GROUP is a company you can trust which is proved by a huge number of positive feedbacks left by happy customers. We provide the following advantages:

  • Unconventional approach to technology;
  • Quality product at affordable price;
  • Comprehensive solutions;
  • Meeting deadlines;
  • Unique design;
  • Professionalism and attention to the business’ specifics;
  • Meeting customer’s requirements;
  • Training as well as technical and informational support.

Our CRM systems

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