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CRM for Real Estate Agents

The main purpose of all the actions taken by the real estate agent is to turn potential clients into closed deals. CRM or Customer Relationship Management system provides a wide range of options in order to optimize and arrange the perspectives and involvement leading toward the sale. The usage of CRM for real estate agents can contribute to the real estate agents’ effectiveness and productivity by applying the tools for managing the volume of work, predicting sales, controlling contacts and client relationship with a help of remote online access.

Key CRM features in real estate

The usage of commercial real estate CRM software provides constant communication between investors, tenants, partners and suppliers. Application of real estate CRM solutions helps to improve the levels of service and sales, increase customer satisfaction and effectiveness of their investments. Here are the following key features of the system:

  • Clients and deals’ details are stored in one place;
  • Processing requests - CRM for commercial real estate services can be integrated with different means of communication – telephony, website and social networks for monitoring all the resources from one device.
  • Notifications and tasks’ planner;
  • Managing employees - CRM software for real estate agents allows managing corporate processes, controlling over actions of employees as well as analyzing their efficiency and distributing tasks among them.
  • Transaction reports – contain data about transaction activity for distributing budget.
  • Instant reports- allow generating different types of reports which saves a lot of time.
  • Property search system – this simple search feature for finding the property according to the clients’ demands.
  • Integration - real estate CRM system integrates with different external portals for synchronizing and updating current objects.

Benefits of CRM for real estate agents

CRM systems are necessary for those willing to develop and improve their real estate company as well as to keep up with trends and increase their customers’ satisfaction. Here are the following benefits of using CRM real estate software:

  • It gives the ability to market properties more efficiently
  • The system helps managing finances and track transactions
  • CRM allows managing clients’ interaction with consultants, accountants etc.
  • It optimizes projects management.

Steps of development

Implementation of real estate CRM programs is necessary for automation of business processes. The development of the system includes the following stages:

CRM software for real estate agents from IT DEV GROUP

We create personal real estate agency solutions for automating corporate processes every one of each has its peculiarities. CRM development is carried out on Laravel framework. By ordering a real estate agency CRM from us you’ll get:

  • Professional approach to each project;
  • Quality and functional CRM system;
  • Further maintenance and support;
  • Comprehensive CRM solution;
  • Unique web design.

Why will you choose us?

With more than 5 years in IT sphere, numerous successfully completed projects and satisfied customers, IT DEV GROUP is the trustworthy company you were looking for. We’re a creative team of professionals offering comprehensive solutions and always meeting the deadlines.

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