The CRM solution provides managers with all the necessary information including client’s data, buyers’ requirements and needs. The system helps dealers to carry out car research more effectively and faster which improves customer satisfaction. By implementing a CRM, manufacturers and dealers will be able to evaluate the efficiency of current marketing strategy.

Key CRM features for auto dealership

Car dealership CRM has a huge influence on the entire automotive industry offering the improvement of numerous corporate processes including an interaction between dealers and manufacturers. The system also helps to build a relationship between dealers and customers which is an important factor influencing sales.

The CRM solution for car dealership has the following key features:

  • Clients’ database – stores all the customers’ information and details.
  • Contacts – the system stores all the contact information of customers.
  • Tracking leads – CRM for auto dealers helps to track all the leads and foresee the future sale.
  • Events and appointments’ scheduler – helps to schedule and remember scheduled appointments for convenience.
  • Analytics and statistics – allows seeing clients’ behavioral features and sales potential.
  • Invoices – the system helps to manage the process of sending invoices to the customers.
  • Integration - car sales CRM integrates with different communication services and provides access from other devices.

How CRM software helps car dealers?

Car dealer CRM software definitely helps to develop and improve the business by offering robust communication and management tools.

When implementing proper CRM the company gets a comprehensive view of all the corporate processes within the business including financial operations which helps car dealers make the right decisions. Whether a car dealer platform or auto repairs CRM, the systems are designed to save your time and money as well as to take your automotive business to the next level.

With CRM solution you will be able to:


Have a remote access to all the customer information


Contact a client with an interesting proposal


Manage corporate processes


Analyze the efficiency of current marketing strategy


Get financial and marketing reports

Steps of the CRM Software development

Today’s extremely competitive market requires an unconventional approach and productivity in order to gain new clients and make a profit.

Auto dealership CRM gives a comprehensive view of your clients’ information and helps to organize the interaction between dealers and customers to make it more productive. Customer Relationship Management system helps businesses to grow by offering them numerous tools for providing excellent service.

CRM for car dealers should be created according to the business peculiarities and client requirements. Here are the following stages of the system development:


CRM for auto dealers from IT DEV GROUP

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Creative and unconventional approach


Quality solution at affordable price


Laravel-based CRM


Meeting the deadlines


Technical support and training


Meeting requirements

Why choose us?

By choosing a young and creative team of experts from IT DEV GROUP you’ll not regret your decision. We offer quality and comprehensive solutions according to your business specific needs. Entrust your project to the professionals.

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