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CRM Software for Travel Agents

By implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system into the travel agency you’ll be able to improve the quality of service to your clients. CRM software for travel agents provides opportunities for gaining new customers as well as retaining regular ones by meeting their individual requirements. The system offers numerous tools and options including bookkeeping services, database, sales tools, analytics and mailing. CRM for the travel industry is a great solution to improve customer satisfaction and increase company’s efficiency.

Key CRM features for travel agents

CRM for travel agents includes features satisfying specific requirements of travel companies. With the help of additional options built into your CRM system, you’ll be able to store and manage data, implement international communication and organize corporate processes. The following CRM features are aimed at saving time and money as well as increasing the productivity of a travel company.

  • Clients’ database.
  • Numerous agents’ accounts.
  • Communication tools.
  • Data analysis and statistics.
  • Integration with other technologies.
  • Booking tools.
  • Contact and event scheduler.

Why a travel agent needs CRM software?

Travel CRM software offers a great opportunity to effectively collect and share clients’ information and automate important corporate processes. Taking into account current fierce competition in the travel industry, quality service provided by the travel agency does matter and implementing a good CRM is a proven way of gaining new customers and retaining regulars. When hiring travel agents customers want them to handle all the details professionally and fast which is much easier with a help of CRM solution. Here are the following advantages of implementing a CRM for travel company:

  • Ability to offer your clients up to date and relevant information;
  • Analyze marketing strategies for improvement;
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Get quick access to client’s data on different devices;
  • Get reports and statistics.

Steps of development

Travel agency CRM should be created according to the client’s requirements and expectations. All the details and peculiarities of the business are taken into account before the system development. The custom development of a CRM solution helps to strengthen customer relationships, improve the company’s productivity and increase the number of potential clients. A CRM allows concentrating on your main business development strategies and achieving goals. Here are the following steps of CRM development:

RM software for travel agents from IT DEV GROUP

As a young team of creative professionals, we always use a personal approach with each client. By implementing a CRM travel companies will be able to take their business to the next level and achieve the desired goals easily. We offer:

  • Quality solution at affordable price;
  • Unconventional approach;
  • Meeting the deadlines;
  • Laravel-based CRM;
  • Unique design;
  • Meeting client’s requirements;
  • Technical support and training.

Why choose us?

As a team of experts who have already completed lots of successful projects, IT DEV GROUP is a reliable company you can entrust your project to. With numerous positive feedbacks, we provide quality and comprehensive solutions according to the client’s business peculiarities.

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